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Date: Thursday September 28, 2006 10:52:00 am | Views: 109
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    Epson cuts ink cartridge price by 50%
    SEPTEMBER , 2006
    Epson has slashed the price of its new set of individual color cartridges by nearly 50 percent. Epson expects that the move will definitely encourage customers to buy genuine Epson cartridges. According to the company officials, only 35 percent of its customers use genuine cartridges. “Most users resorted to using compatibles or refilling because they always felt the cost of ink cartridges to be very high,” said SM Ramprasad, National Business Manager – Consumer Products, Epson India. “By reducing the price from Rs 495 to Rs 250, we are sure the number of genuine cartridge users will go up to 85 percent,” he added.If the 85 percent target is achieved, it is a direct impact on compatible manufacturers and refillers.According to N Sambamoorthy, GM – Business Product Group, Epson India, the company has not compromised on the quality, while reducing the price by 50 percent. “It’s the innovation of Epson’s research and development that has helped lower the cost. Beside, this will help us generate volumes and make up for the reduced pricing,” said Sambamoorthy.Meanwhile, the company also launched a series of printer, which included three new inkjet all-in-ones (AIO) – CX2800, CX3900, CX5900 – and two new standalone inkjet printers – C58 and C79 – targeted at the Home, SOHO and corporate users.C58 and CX2800 will support the newly launched low-cost cartridges.The company also announced that all its models will from now on have individual ink tank for cyan, magenta, yellow and black colors, which was earlier available only in select models.With the introduction of new products and revision of cartridge pricing, the company is expecting increase its marketshare to 30 percent from the current 23 percent in the inkjet printer category.

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