Is China Apex/Ninestar Now In Collusion With U.S. Lexmark Corp?.

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Date: Friday June 9, 2017 10:25:26 pm
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    Keymaster Hacked!
    Is China Apex/Ninestar Now In Collusion With U.S. Lexmark Corp?.

    China Apex/Ninestar Raises Reman Lexmark & Dell Toner Chip Prices by up to 200%, One Day After U.S. Supreme Court Ruling.–ck08s-uyc7og8
    If there ever was a Honeymoon for honest Toner remanufactures after the U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Vs. Lexmark Corp, well it's probably over by now, we got word of a rumor from our sources that turned out to be true, China Apex/ Ninestar, Lexmark's Chinese parent company has raised all Lexmark and Dell toner chip prices by up to 70% for all honest remanufactures around the world in order to price them out of the industry, If there ever was an easier way to prove collusion, this is it! come on my Chinese friends at least wait a week or 2 before raising Lexmark toner chip prices for honest toner remanufactures, don't make it so obvious and raises Lexmark and Dell toner chip prices for remanufacturing the next day, literally 1 days after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling of Lexmark's loss in the U.S. Supreme court dated 05 31 2017.  

    June 1st, 2017
    Dear (Suckers)….
    In order to continuously provides customers with stable, trustworthy, and IP-safe products and better service. Apex Microelectronics here decides to raise the prices for products used in Lexmark MS/MX/CS/CX series and Dell 2360/5460 series, which goes into effect on June 1st, 2017.  
    Please see the attached official price adjustment announcement.
    For the further prices details. you can contact me freely.

    Saral yang /  <> / Sales department
    Add.: 7/F, Unit 04, No 63, North Mingzhu Road, Zhuhai, Guangdong, P.R China
    Tel:+86-756-3333 768 ext 260 Fax:+86-756-3333 029 / Website:

    please email tonernews if you want to see the original
    official price adjustment announcement in pdf attachement/

    You can bet that China's Apex/Ninestar has already loaded up all it's Asian divisions and friends with cheaper Lexmark chips in China and even their friendly obscure Chinese counterfeit friends already has the these chips and probably the finished clone Lexmark and Dell toners by now, you can also bet that these Cheap Chinese Clone (counterfeit) Toners will be all over, and within these weeks to come, this is exactly what we have been talking about on for some time now, that China Apex/Ninestar/Lexmark and all their friends in China do not really care about our ways in the west, they don't really care about recycling and remanufacturing the right and honest way, all they care about about it Under-Cutting and pricing-out honest toner remanufactures around the world in order to try to control this industry.

    What will probably happen is that these cheap Chinese clone Lexmark toners will hit web and as usual the quality will be total shit and their sad reputation will take another hit, they don't realize that they are isolating themselves from an industry again, instead of working the right way with honest toner remanufactures fairly around the world they are making their reputation crappier everyday, this collusion is sadly the China Apex/Ninestar/ S.C.C. way, we implore all honest toner remanufactures around the world to Boycott all Chinese made toners, chips and parts from  Apex, Ninestar, S.C.C. and all their friends as well and the OEM brand Lexmark, and let's not forget that Lexmark still manufactures OEM toners all the while their Chinese parent company Apex/Ninestar sells Clones and Counterfeit toners and parts to all their allies in China for resale around the world.

    Chinese Leaders of Apex, Ninestar and now lexmark

    Attention China, our U.S. 1st amendment rights gives us free Speech and the right to expose Collusion and therefor China Apex/Ninestar and Lexmark are now breaking U.S. Antitrust Laws, this is now 100% proven collusion between a U.S. Company and a Chinese parent Company counterpart, this is the kind of news that gets China Apex/Ninestar and Lexmark on Tonernews everyday as breaking news for the wrong reasons, we will of course keep everyone updated as more information is coming in regarding this matter and please forward us any information that you fell is important so we can keep the industry informed, your help is greatly appreciated.

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