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Date: Wednesday August 6, 2003 11:33:00 am
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     RICOH Introduces the Aficio 1060/1075 Removable Hard Drive

    Ricoh Corporation yesterday introduced the Ricoh® Aficio 1060/1075 Removable Hard Drive (RHD) option, which secures access to a system’s internal hard drive and prevents confidential information from being potentially retrieved or stolen.

    In environments where confidential documents are copied, scanned or printed on a digital system, an image of that information typically remains on the system’s internal hard drive, where it is vulnerable to compromise. The Ricoh Aficio 1060/1075 RHD system’s internal hard drive is externally mounted in a secure, key-locked bay, allowing the hard drive to be unlocked, removed and stored in a secure location.

    To provide even more security and flexibility when dealing with both classified and non-classified documents, an optional second Removable Hard Drive is available. This allows Ricoh Aficio 1060/1075 systems to handle two separate interchangeable Removable Hard Drives; one RHD for classified documents and the other RHD for unclassified documents. After classified documents have been copied or printed, the classified drive can be removed and placed in a secure location and the unclassified drive can be reinserted for unclassified copying or printing. A numbered labeling system ensures easy identification of the RHD while in storage and when being replaced in the system. The Aficio 1060/1075 RHD is available at a suggested retail price of $1,500. The Aficio1060/1070 additional RHD accessory is also available at a suggested retail price of $765.

    BROTHER expands line-up of industry leading Laser Multi-Function Centres

    Brother Canada Introduces 4 New Laser Flatbed Multi-Function Products to Meet Modern Business Demands.

    Brother International Corp. (Canada) Ltd. has introduced a new line of 5-in-1 performance-based flatbed laser Multi-Function Centre models in response to the needs and feedback of Brother MFC users. The new models: MFC-8420, MFC-8820D, MFC-8820DN, and MFC-8820DTN offer plain paper faxing, laser printing, digital copying, colour scanning and PC faxing.

    Designed with an 8.5″ by 14″ flatbed scanning area to accommodate both single sheets and bound documents (up to legal size), the new series from Brother comes with faster print speeds (up to 17ppm), increased memory (32Mb expandable to 160Mb), and a new 5-line back-lit LCD display.  face=Arial Read More

    CANON U.S.A. and COLORBUS Announce Cyclone Print Server Support for Canon’s Large Format Printers

  • COLORBUS Cyclone to Drive Canon imagePROGRAF W2200, W7200, W7250

    Canon U.S.A., Inc., and COLORBUS, a Color Print Solutions Company, yesterday announced COLORBUS Cyclone print server support for Canon’s large format printers, including the imagePROGRAF W2200, W7200, and W7250 models.   face=Arial Read More

    Major Update of Oce Repro Desk Print Automation Software Improves Document Control and Accountability for Reprographers

    Latest Version Improves Workflow, Reduces Print Errors and Saves Time for Reprographers and Their Clients Using Oce 9000 Series Printing Systems

    Oce has announced the latest release of Oce Repro Desk 4.30.5 software — a Microsoft® Windows®- based print automation solution designed for use with the Oce 9000 series (Oce 9400, Oce 9600 and Oce 9800) range of digital printing systems. Oce Repro Desk software is the most widely used print submission solution in the U.S. for reprographers and their architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) clients.   face=Arial Read More

    MINOLTA formalizes Business Relationship with KIP AMERICA

    Partnership expands versatility of Minolta’s Digital Microform Scanners.

  • Minolta will sell and market the KIP America Starprint 2000 Series of large format printers.
  • KIP America’s Starprint 2000 Series Printers work seamlessly with Minolta’s MS7000 Digital Microfilm Scanner.
  • When paired together, Minolta and KIP America provide customers with quick, convenient access to microfilm drawing archives for prints, scans and digital distribution.
  • Users can scan, print or browse up to 150 aperture cards using the optional ACF-7 aperture card feeder.
  • Works with more than 20 print sizes, including architectural and engineering (A-E) sizes, metric sizes, letter, legal and tabloid sizes.
  • Users can print directly to Starprint 2000 Series printers from existing CAD programs or systems.

    Having reached a formal agreement with KIP America, Minolta Corporation’s Business Products Group announced it will directly market and sell the Starprint 2000 Series of large format printers in conjunction with its MS7000 Digital Microform Scanner. Bud Murphy, executive vice president and general manager, Minolta’s Business Products Group said, “Our MS7000 microfilm scanner is widely used to view large format drawings that have been stored on aperture cards. Until now, however, there was no way to print these oversized drawings after viewing them on the scanner. Our partnership with KIP America makes strategic sense because it solves this problem and allows Minolta to offer customers a productive and economical, end-to-end scan, view and print system for large format documents. We chose to partner with KIP America because their large-format printers are a perfect match for the automated scanning capabilities of Minolta’s MS7000 scanner and because they produce outstanding prints.”

    Most large format documents have tiny details that must be reproduced with the utmost clarity. The Starprint 2000 printers use High-Definition Print (HDP) technology, direct-contact toner and calibrated LED heads to provide the image quality required by these documents. The Starprint 2000 Series Printers have been tested to work seamlessly with Minolta’s MS7000. Once the document is viewed on the MS7000, it can be digitally enhanced and easily printed on a Starprint 2000 Printer, or scanned and sent via e-mail, or faxed from a PC to save on mail or courier costs. The MS7000 and KIP America printer solution is especially valuable to companies that have archives of microfilmed drawings on aperture cards. These documents typically include engineering, maintenance and manufacturing drawings, as well as deeds and public works documents. Using Minolta’s optional Aperture Card Feeder, up 150 such documents can be quickly and automatically scanned.

    MS7000 Digital Microform Scanners The MS7000 makes it easier to read, scan and print to a PC when using microfilm. The MS7000 supports a wide range of microform media options for film, fiche, jacket and card formats. With standard dual output, users can switch from PC scanning to laser printing at the touch of a button. High resolution PC scanning at up to 800 dpi lets customers use and distribute microform information via websites, e-mails, faxes, and desktop publishing. The MS7000 has two output channels – one for high-speed laser printing and the other for scanning to a PC. In addition, a motorized image rotation and de-skew feature is standard on both scanners.

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