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    New Lexmark technology combines the power of convergence and customization  

       - Lexmark multifunction products are productive and easy to use; provide
                        advanced, secure workflow solutions -
    LEXINGTON,Ky.,Oct./04 -- With today's
    introduction of the Lexmark X830e and the Lexmark X832e, Lexmark
    International, Inc.  offers two advanced workflow solution
    platforms that redefine multifunction capability for large workgroups.
                The two intelligent multifunction products (MFPs) were designed with
    business processes and security in mind, and allow users to process their
    workflow and their documents securely, quickly and easily.
        The new MFPs are productive, intuitive and easy to use. When fully
    networked, these units will be the centerpieces of a department-level workflow
        "The Lexmark X830e and the Lexmark X832e will change the game for large
    workgroups," said Paul Rooke, Lexmark executive vice president and president
    of its Printing Solutions and Services Division.  "The workflow capabilities
    derived from the customizable e-Task interface make either device a must-have
    for demanding office environments. Their ease of use, security, performance
    and affordability combine to make these devices the most compelling in their
        Customized Solutions
        Both the Lexmark X830e and the Lexmark X832e bring intuitive,
    multifunction power to the user's fingertips thanks to the award-winning
    e-Task touch screen user interface. Common applications like scan-to-e-mail
    and faxing are made as easy as making a copy with one-touch icons highlighted
    on the color display.
        The real power and capability of these new products is unleashed when this
    same ease-of-use is applied to a company's more complex workflow processes.
    Coupled with Lexmark Document Solutions Suite software, customizable icons can
    be linked with workflow processes like financial loan applications and medical
    record processing to deliver significant cost reductions and productivity
        In the digital office space, security has been, and will continue to be a
    top priority for small, medium and enterprise class customers. The new secure
    authentication and encryption features of the Lexmark X830e and Lexmark X832e
    are designed to help alleviate customer concerns surrounding document scan and
    print vulnerabilities.
        The security features standard in the Lexmark X830e and the Lexmark X832e
    will allow customers to leverage their existing corporate directories, such as
    Microsoft(TM) Active Directory(TM), to perform secure user authentication.
    The new Lexmark products also offer security features that provide valuable
    protection for print data.
        Lower Costs with Managed Services
        To complement these powerful technologies and customizable solutions,
    Lexmark also provides a means for customers to take control of assets, drive
    down output costs, improve document processes, and enhance employee
    satisfaction.  Lexmark Distributed Fleet Management consists of a core
    offering, Asset Lifecycle Services, supplemented by a range of optional value-
    added services -- all enabled by Lexmark's many years of technology
    development, output management and customer intimacy.
        Lexmark X830e
        The Lexmark X830e produces documents at a rated speed of up to 35 pages
    per minute (ppm). Reliability is a key feature with a duty cycle rating that
    is double that of any product in its class.
        Efficient printing and copying make it a user's dream, but financial
    executives will love it, too. The page yield from a single toner cartridge is
    rated at up to 30,000*, which is twice the toner yield of the top competitor
    in its class, significantly reducing the number of interventions required of
    users. The list price of the Lexmark X830e is $11,999.
        Lexmark X832e
        Like the Lexmark X830e, the Lexmark X832e offers the functionality to
    accelerate any paper-based process. But the Lexmark X832e adds an extra
    element of speed with a blazing output rating of up to 45 ppm. It features the
    same 30,000 page* yield toner cartridge, and has a duty cycle that is 25
    percent higher than the nearest competitor in its class. The list price of the
    Lexmark X832e is $13,999.
        Competitive acquisition prices mean the standard functions of printing,
    copying, scanning and faxing are available at best-in-class price performance
    for these products.  And the innovative single-cartridge design keeps the
    total cost of operation down, adding efficiency to customers' operating
        Both products are available immediately

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