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    Ricoh Adds 'Embedded Software Architecture' and Expands Developer Program

    Ricoh Corporation, The leading provider of digital office equipment, today announced the introduction of its Embedded Software Architecture Software Development Kit (SDK/J), a state-of-the-art application enabling developers to build tightly integrated solutions that will streamline customer processes and document handling. Ricoh also announced today the global extension of its successful Developer Program to Europe.

    A valuable addition to Ricoh's Developer Program, SDK/J is a main development tool that allows Systems Integrators (SIs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and In-House Developers to deliver customized Java-based solutions hosted on Multi- Function Products (MFPs) and Laser Printers (LPs). A Java J2ME-compliant application, it enables third- parties to combine their own solutions with Ricoh's industry-leading hardware in order to maintain application compatibility across multiple MFP devices and LPs. Ricoh selected Java to support the rapid expansion of web-based solutions and services, to leverage the number of engineers using the language, and to exploit the machine-independent Java architecture.

    "The Embedded Software Architecture SDK provides first-class technical support for the developer community with the growing needs of the end-user in mind. SDK/J affords businesses the versatility to attain a distinct advantage over the competition with a solution tailored to their operational needs," said Hede Nonaka, vice president of marketing for Ricoh Corporation.

    The SDK/J solution can control most aspects of the device operation panel as well as the device core capabilities such as printing, scanning, and saving files and it also features User Interface APIs. The types of applications that can be run through SDK/J include Panel Operation-Oriented "Thin Client," Java Servlet Based Web Applications and Background Applications. The SDK/J applications can run on an emulator to test functionalities, such as LCD panel and scanning/printing, without an actual device. It can also emulate live network functions such as FTP, HTTP, SMTP, SMB and web services.

    The SDK package includes an install CD and SD Card which feature MFP classes, an emulator, sample programs and online technical documents as well as Java VM, Foundation Classes and an Application Loader. Additionally, Ricoh will launch a Web site this November highlighting detailed information on SDK/J and providing the ability to purchase the solution online.


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