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Date: Friday June 15, 2012 08:49:45 am
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    Presenting Streamlined Toner Refilling Machine

    Toner Filling Machine
    Finally. . .a streamlined, accurate, compact, and easy-to-clean toner filling machine!  Dreamfill’s patented horizontal toner delivery system increases fill accuracy while reducing dust discharge to nearly nil. Use up to 50 gram load settings for toner filling and refilling bags, bottles, cartridges, and pouches.

    Accurate Toner Refilling Machines
    Accuracy is never compromised for increased speed. Dreamfill’s tested and retested performance reliability on toner refilling machines—plus or minus 1 gram filling accuracy—consistently exceeds industry accuracy standards.

    Easy to Use Toner Filling Machine

    Using up to 50 pre-programmable gram load settings on Dreamfill’s toner refilling machine, operators can observe exact gram weight filled on the machine’s digital display panel.  With Dreamfill’s four pour spout circumference choices, most all toner cartridges, bottles, bags, and pouches can be easily filled and refilled. Dreamfill machines work with a foot pedal and on/off switch. Operators appreciate clean up time. . .less than 15 minutes! No special tools are necessary for assembly or cleaning.

    Dreamfill customers boast that operator productivity soars. We’re confident that yours will, too.

    Features for Toner Filling Machines are below.


      1. Fifty (50) gram load settings (Pre-Programmable) for your most popular cartridges with easy to change programmable settings as necessary.

       Sample Reference guide

       Shown below are sample gram load settings for some popular cartridges.
       There are up to fifty (50) pre-programmable settings on the Dreamfill system.

    Brother HL-1650 DR 500 1 210 g 170-200 g 3-5  
    Canon PC 210,330 E-40 2 150 g 120-140 g 2-3  
    HP 4000 C4127X 4 500 g 400-480 g 3-5  
    HP 4600 C9721A 49 190 g 150-180 g 2-3  
    Samsung ML 1210D3 ML 1210D3 50 65 g   1-2  

                         P/N: Pre-programmed settings (up to 50)
                         SP-2: Target fill amount (gram)
                         SP-1: Point at which fill rate slows down
                         Speed Selector: 1 = slowest / 5 = fastest
                         Free Fall: Use when target fill weight is not reached or over filled


    2. Fill accuracy: please refer to the technical specifications tab on the website.

    3. Easy cleaning: standard time is approximately 10-15 minutes. Quick assembly and no tools required.

    4. Weight Control: Very high precise (SP1 and SP 2 systems), using the optimum fill weight control.

    5. Display panel shows gram weight displayed while filling.

    6. Fill Types: Black and Chemical (color) Toners into bags, bottles, cartridges, pouches.

    7. Compact design overall functionality and better performance than similar models. Reliability exceeds machines with a similar size.

    8. Dreamfill System is perfect for small, medium and large production facilities.

    9. Operation: simple to use. Operate while seated or standing using foot pedal switch or "start" button. Automatic operation fills to desired weight with auto shut off.

    10. Space-saving compact, convenient table top design.

    11. Noise Level: No noise, No sounds, Quiet Operation.

    12. Toner Dust: Very little emanation.

    13. Pour spout has four (4) circumferences to accommodate most cartridges and bottle sizes

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