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Date: Thursday September 28, 2017 12:27:00 pm
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    Keymaster, The Only News Source That's Not taking Money From China. 
    Every industry news source is taking money from China's Clone Toner Industry, Except 

    We can easily mention names but its just easier to say that everyone that provide news to the industry has sold-out their soul for some Chinese currency,  it's really amazing how fast people and companies have sold out to china in our industry, all the big US and EU Publications, analyst, commentators, trade associations, etc, etc, with all their fancy views and opinions have all sold out to The Chinese Toner Cloner Industry!  faster then you can say " China Cloned Toner". 

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    December 2016 Takes On The China Clone/Counterfeit Toner Industry. 
    We use to promote China's Cloned toner industry as well, but since we took this stand as of last December  2016 Vs this counterfeiting industry, we have not promoted any Chinese clone toner sellers or trade association on, its been hard  on us as well since we get constant requests by Chinese companies to advertise their cloned toners and goods on, it's income that we can surely use, but our principals for this industry are worth more then selling out. 
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    October 16th 2017 is 15th Year In The Industry. 
    If your a Pro-reman or a Pro-OEM Printer or Toner Distributors/Resellers, this is a great opportunity to advertise on,  join the good fight and help us expose this counterfeit industry, let's take back our industry from these thieves, Canon has done great work on behalf of Hp and has taken the fight back to these China cloners all around the world and are now even exposing them trough their sales on in their lawsuits, many oem's and their lawyers are now getting and reading and are learning to fight back Vs. this bogus industry. Things are coming along right but this is an ongoing issue and we must all stay vigilant and informed and thats we do at, we are still constantly being attacked By China trough various means on all our social and internet medias, we are however constantly revamping everything so thing stay smooth in order to inform you the public as to what is happening because the challenges are worth the fight and if you value your business and your future Vs. this bogus Chinese industry, its time you get aboard and join us! 

    Email us to if you want to learn more and if you want to help! 
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