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Date: Tuesday May 23, 2017 09:58:54 am
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    Why U.S. Laser Recommends Brainstormwebgroup.com.
    Stephen R. Mounce.
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    Jim, the biggest struggle our company has faced over the years is developing a way to get net new business in the door. We have tried using a lot of sales people making cold calls which has its own set of problems, and never really worked for any extended period of time. We have tried buying leads and books of list. Nothing really worked well.

    After 25 years in the industry we have discovered what may be the best kept secret in printer and copier sales. We engaged a company to specifically target geographic areas and run a saturation bombing campaign to drive service calls into our company. 

    We are converting these service leads into net new business at an astounding rate. This company has the formula that works and I am sick I did not find them 10 years ago. We have picked up some huge accounts from one service call from each one of them. These are real time actionable leads coming in daily and they are all new potential clients that need help. Once we fix their problem we convert them to supplies and equipment customers.

    These guys could be a potential advertiser for you to contact. They are working in several verticals right now with copier and printer companies being on-boarded weekly. They only sign one company per city so there is no competition issue. I purchased major areas in SC and NC. These guys know how to “flood the zone” and drive service calls to a company. We are averaging 20 to 25 calls inbound a day. We used to be lucky to get 2. Their dashboard has been another missing link in our business. Incredible.

    Don’t want to sound like a shill but you asked us to speak out.
    Oh yea the company is Brainstormwebgroup.com. The contact is Rick Pope (704) 765-4773.

    Stephen R. Mounce
    US Laser, Inc.
    stevem@uslaserinc.com || http://www.uslaserinc.com

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