UBEO Business Services Has A New President.

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Date: Tuesday December 17, 2019 11:12:02 am | Views: 563
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    UBEO Business Services Has A New President.
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    AUSTIN, Texas—UBEO Business Services—a premier provider of printer, copier and document management solutions and national leader—has selected the UBEO northeast region president as the new president of UBEO nationally. James J. Morrissey, who has overseen the northeast region of UBEO companies, will continue to lead in driving the company’s culture and mission throughout the country.

    “James commitment to UBEO’s core values of being customer and employee centric combined with his energy and vast industry experience make him a great fit for the job,” Jim Sheffield, UBEO CEO, said. “I’m looking forward to working alongside James as we continue to grow and take UBEO’s mission across the country.”

    As CEO, Sheffield’s focus is setting UBEO’s strategy and vision. As president, Morrissey will execute UBEO’s mission, continuing to grow the company across the country while delivering on its commitment to customer service.  

    Since Morrissey joined the UBEO team in May, the document management company has grown to a total of 11 acquisitions, including A&A Office Systems, a New England-based print technology company. The move amplified their reach to the east coast, making UBEO a coast to coast company—UBEO acquired California-based Ray Morgan Company last year. Morrissey and the whole UBEO team continue to seek acquisitions that align with their core values. 

    Morrissey began his career in document management sales immediately after earning a degree from the State University of New York at Oneonta. He has worked with top industry leaders in a variety of roles including senior leadership positions with fortune 500 companies. James is well known for his passion toward employees and his customer centric philosophy which will make him a perfect fit for the UBEO family.  

    UBEO, founded in 2004, has operations across Texas and Louisiana, as well as in California. UBEO is co-headquartered in Austin and San Antonio. It merged with Sentinel Capital Partners in April 2018. 

    About UBEO Business Services
    Co-headquartered in Austin and San Antonio, Texas, UBEO is now the fastest growing business technology organization in the country. While the organization is rapidly growing, its commitment to excellence is paramount. UBEO Business Services with its best of breed offering remains committed to being the “high-end customer experience” in the industry. UBEO’s success is attributable to its commitment to acquire best-in-class companies and build a premiere brand in the Document Technology industry. For more information, please visit http://www.ubeo.com.

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