RUMOR: What is Xerox Thinking by Partnering with China’s Ninestar?

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Date: Friday August 28, 2020 05:28:08 pm | Views: 3646
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    What is Xerox Thinking by Partnering with Ninestar?
    USA’s Xerox Now Sleeping With The Enemy, China Government Owned Ninestar.

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    As news of this rumor rattles the industry thanks to, one must think, ‘what the hell is Xerox thinking’? Xerox an iconic US brand is now selling China made product to undercut and try to put US companies out of business by using these cheap and toxic goods. Ninestar a branch of the actual Chinese Government and enemy of the aftermarket toner industry just landed the big XEROX fish in its corner in order to continue its domination and efforts to put honest toner recyclers and remanufacturers out of business around the globe. They say that all’s fair in love and war “this is used to describe a situation in which people do not follow the usual rules of behavior and do things that are normally considered unfair” well this surely describes this new alliance between Xerox and Ninestar.

    Xerox has a brand which is XRC made by Clover which is 100% remanufactured. Nevertheless they are now launching Xerox Everyday Toner which is an all China Clone product. They are now targeting Clover and all Copier and Printer OEMs to leverage the Xerox relationship to sell Chinese clone toner products thru dealers, distribution and OPSS. They are using a Chinese product to undercut and harm honest U.S. companies. Not what an Iconic US company should be doing during a pandemic, supporting a Chinese Gov. Business to hurt US companies. Is this really the new Xerox under Icahn and Visentin?

    Just last week Xerox released this article, ‘Are You in a Toxic Relationship With Your Toner Manufacturer?Did Xerox not do it’s homework on Ninestar? Well Xerox, Ninestar products have a long history of toxicity in the industry, so next time you form an alliance with a Chinese company, maybe you should check out their toxic credentials first?

    There are very odd things going on behind the scenes with Xerox lately, definitely things that don’t make sense to most of us, for example Xerox trying to buy Hp to be in debt for tens of Billions of dollars? Xerox borrowing another Billion dollars over the past month?, activist investor icahn one of Xerox’s biggest shareholder loading up on more Xerox stocks and dumping most of its Hp stocks? the war earlier this year with Fujifilm? and now this alliance with Ninestar a division of the actual China Gov., all this while American jobs are needed the most here in these unprecedented times.

    More Questions than Answers.
    What is the strategy behind most of these blotched events? are the Men and Women that run the Xerox empire throwing shit against the wall the see if it’s going to stick? How’ is Hp going to counter this monumental industry event, since we all know that Hp and Canon are fighting Ninestar on all fronts. What’s Trump ‘Mr America’ going to say about all this in an election year? These events leave more questions than answers and only time will be the judge of how Xerox benefits from all this but so far to us in the industry none of this makes any sense.
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