Why China’ Ninestar Fears of ‘Toner Industry Lawsuits’ is Something Real to Worry About.

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Date: Sunday July 10, 2022 01:56:27 pm | Views: 715
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    On July 21, 2022, Chinese toner cloner Ninestar will have a webinar to try to calm growing fears of up-and-coming lawsuits from OEMs, and from businesses that want to take down this prolific cartel.

    Remanufactured Cartridges Over Clones | Clover Imaging Group USA

    Over the years Tonernews.com has kept a close eye on Ninestar, Hubey-dingdong, Printrite, Aster Graphics, GPI and many other Chinese companies who have flooded the world and corrupted businesses globally. These fake toner products have created a ‘House of cards’ for big and small businesses alike that take a chance on reselling these goods. Although all the mentioned companies claim that their product are 100% patent safe, Tonernews.com would like to warn everyone that they are not, there are simply no guarantees!

    Lawsuits in the industry have plagued these China producers and all businesses associates with them for over a decade now, and they are not going away anything soon. Of course, Ninestar will probably try to promote this webinar as their product being completely safe, but history has shown the opposite. In most cases the consequence for reselling these goods is by far worsts than the glory that is being promoted. For the last 20 years, Tonernews.com has made a living by looking out for these lawsuits and has notices that 95% of all industry lawsuits have to do with Chinese goods. There have been hundreds of lawsuits, and more are to come, thousands of amazon fake toner product take downs to prove that these products are not legitimate. yet the cartel promote these goods to businesses like nothing ever happened, this is obviously one big continuous lie.

    OEMs like Brother, Canon, Epson, and HP inc., are on a continuous lookout from product being manufactured by the cartel with hopes of stopping them once and for all. Also, a California lawsuit by ML Products Vs. Ninestar, Aster, Billiontree, Mountain-Peak and V4ink for unfair competition on Amazon might be game changer for toner remanufactures and OEMs. If the lawyers that are representing ML products; Richard D. McCune, Derek Y. Brandt, Richard D McCune, Connor P. Lemire and Leigh M. Perica can pull off a win, it will probably be a game changer and signal the end of Ninestar, at least in the US. Honest toner resellers and distributors will then be able to successfully line up and sue Ninestar and others to recoup some of the $7 Billion that is lost every year to this Chinese cartel. Furthermore, USA’s Planet Greens environmental efforts have started to payoff, the city Los Angeles has officially banned Chinese single use toner from being dumped into its borders, and their efforts of getting the whole state of California to do so is also on its way, along with other states in the pipeline.

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