BUSTED: China’s Ninestar’s G&G Now Shipping Into the U.S. by Air to Avoid Customs (Please Contact DHS and Report This)

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Date: Saturday July 15, 2023 04:14:57 pm
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    Below is a copy of an email that was sent to us anonymously.
    Fearless and a Total Disregard for US Laws, China’s Ninestar-G&G
    Now Trying to Ship Into the U.S. by Air to Avoid Customs.

    Please Contact DHS ( info below ) and File a Complaint ASAP!

    It’s time for the law to raid this U.S. California location and shut it down!
    New products from Ninestar Technology, Epson T222, T232 remanufactured inkjets are ready to order. 
    Printer Consumables & Ink Cartridge Suppliers - G&G Image

    Dear valued customer, Great news! Epson T222, T232 remanufactured inkjets are ready to order.
    Please contact us for pricing.
    The first air shipment will arrive at end of July. Please send us pre-order now.

    Epson T222, T232 inkjets are very popular products in the market. Ninestar Technology is only one who has
    these new products.
    Please take first position to sell these products. 

    G&G Model No.

    OEM No. For use with printer Model No.
    NE-RT222XL-4PK T222xl BK,C,M,Y 1pc each T222xl Bk,C,M,Y
    NE-RT222-4PK T222 BK,C,M,Y 1pc each T222 Bk,C,M,Y
    NE-RT222xl1BK T222xl120-S Epson Expression XP-5200/WorkForce WF-2960 H.Y. Black
    NE-RT2221BK T222120-S Epson Expression XP-5200/WorkForce WF-2960 Black
    NE-RT2222C T222220-S Epson Expression XP-5200/WorkForce WF-2960 Cyan
    NE-RT2223M T222320-S Epson Expression XP-5200/WorkForce WF-2960 Magenta
    NE-RT2224Y T222420-S Epson Expression XP-5200/WorkForce WF-2960 Yellow
    NE-RT232XL-4PK T232xl BK,C,M,Y 1pc each T232xl Bk,C,M,Y
    NE-RT232-4PK T232 BK,C,M,Y 1pc each T232 Bk,C,M,Y
    NE-RT232xl1BK T232xl120-S Epson Expression XP-4200/4205;WorkForce WF-2930/WF-2950 H.Y. Black
    NE-RT2321BK T232120-S Epson Expression XP-4200/4205;WorkForce WF-2930/WF-2950 Black
    NE-RT2322C T232220-S Epson Expression XP-4200/4205;WorkForce WF-2930/WF-2950 Cyan
    NE-RT2323M T232320-S Epson Expression XP-4200/4205;WorkForce WF-2930/WF-2950 Magenta
    NE-RT2324Y T232420-S Epson Expression XP-4200/4205;WorkForce WF-2930/WF-2950 Yellow

    Marketing Dept.
    Ninestar Technology Co., Ltd.
    13875 Ramona Ave,Chino,CA 91710

    Toll free: 800-817-0688 T: 626-965-6662 F: 626-965-6667
    Email: sales @ ggimage usa . com / Web: http://www.nine star   tech   online.com


    Here’s how to contact the Dept of Homeland Security
    to file your complaint and thank you for your support.
    Click here or photo below.

    U.S. Department of Homeland Security logo

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