Canon Inc. Files Complaints with and, Gets Removal of Chinese Counterfeit HP Toner.

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Date: Wednesday October 11, 2023 04:38:03 pm
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    Canon’s enforcement of its intellectual property right leads to the removal of toner packs, including toner packs sold as “V4Ink” brand, from Tmall.

    TOKYO, October 11, 2023—Canon Inc. today announced the filing of complaints with Alibaba and JD Foundation Intellectual Property Protection Platform seeking the removal of certain product offerings from Tmall, and

    In the complaints, Canon alleged that tonner packs sold under certain product offerings infringe Chinese Design Patent No. ZL202230121386.7. Specifically, the offerings identified by Canon are shown in the table below. Canon requested that Alibaba and JD Foundation remove these offerings from Tmall, and

    Model Brand Identified on Offering E-Com Seller Identified on Offering URL
    W1580A / W1580X V4Ink Tmall V4INK官方旗舰店
    合韵/Gowin 中山市合韵打印耗材有限公司
    京呈 京呈耗材旗舰店
    耐诺 耐诺旗舰店
    各之各 中山市各之各电子商务有限公司
    艾贝思 珠海艾贝思打印科技有限公司
    Design registration diagram Genuine Products Some samples having been taken down
    tonner pack
    tonner pack
    tonner pack
    tonner pack
    tonner pack
    tonner pack

    At the time of this announcement, the offerings identified in the complaints were no longer available on Tmall, and

    Accepting and handling an intellectual property right holder’s complaint against acts of allegedly infringing upon its claimed intellectual property right is provided by Alibaba and JD Foundation.

    Canon engages in extensive research and development so that it can deliver innovative and valuable products to customers all over the world. Through its research and development efforts, Canon has obtained a large and robust portfolio of patents. In order to protect its many innovations, Canon enforces its patents against various toner cartridge designs that Canon believes infringe its patent rights.

    Throughout the development, sales and marketing process, Canon respects the intellectual property of other companies and individuals and expects others to similarly respect Canon’s intellectual property rights. Canon remains committed to pursuing legal enforcement against those who do not respect Canon’s intellectual property.

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