China’s Ninestar ‘Hot Potato’ Webinar More Like Rotten Potato Show!

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Date: Tuesday January 31, 2023 03:50:06 pm
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    The recent Hot Potato webinar promoting Ninestar’s environmental stewardship is propaganda at its finest. And by the way Ninestar, what is your solution for handling all your overproduced clone toner and ink cartridge waste ending up in landfills around the globe?

    rotten potato Free Photo Download | FreeImages

     Ninestar is known for being the biggest manufacture of new built single use clone cartridges (aka compatibles) in the world. You don’t need to look further than the size of their facility to realize the small amount of remanufactured cartridges they claim to produce. Compare it to Ninestar’s overwhelming production of single-use clone cartridges which has a detrimental impact on the environmental.

    Ninestar has led the innovation revolution for clone printer cartridges which caused the demise of a once thriving global printer cartridge remanufacturing industry established to reduce cartridge waste.

    Manufacturing New built clone cartridges use up valuable fossil fuels and produce harmful greenhouse gases. It’s noble to have solar panels for your manufacturing facility, but what about all the single-use printer cartridges you are manufacturing and shipping around the world?  Without a recycling program like the OEMs to reclaim your used clone cartridges, millions of your used compatible cartridges contaminated with ink and toner residue are ending up in landfills each day.

    Is it environmentally friendly for Ninestar to dump its plastic waste around the world? It can take up to 1000 years for a printer cartridge to break down, seeping into the soil and ground water, exposing plants, animals, and humans to dangerous toxins. The world is facing a plastic pollution crisis and the printer cartridge remanufacturing industry is the only solution to OEM cartridge waste.

    Ninestar’ Hot Potato webinar was just a rotten potato that belongs in the trash,
    except a rotten potato is better for the environment!

    Ninestar to Confront Industry Hot Potatoes at Confidential Conference_Ninestar Corporation

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