Silence of the Clones: Has Nothing to Say About the US Import Ban?

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Date: Thursday June 15, 2023 04:57:34 pm
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    Total shock, disbelief, and no solution for the famous BAN, What’s going to come up with? Almost every news outlet in the industry has had something to say about the BAN, but has presently stayed silent. David Gibbons who run RTM is either hiding under a rock or planning an optimistic spin on what just happened. The industry is waiting to see how the Chinese clone toner industry is going to repsond.

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    This BAN is oviously part of the ever-on-going trade dispute between our two countries and we would not be surprised if the European Union would also apply this same exact BAN on Ninestar. But with so much bureaucracy in europe it might take a while. Don’t be surprised if the next play by China is to promote Printrite, Aster Graphics or Dinglong to fill the void that the Ninestar BAN has created. Surely this is the next option, but to be clear and from what we’ve told, the investigation is still ongoing at the federal level and at different state levels, so Ninestar should be very careful this time around.

    Against Their Will: The Situation in Xinjiang | U.S. Department of Labor

    Let us not forget the poor Uyghurs people and other minorities and the human rights abuses that are still on-going. the Uyghurs people are still imprisoned and are still being used as slaves to make goods for the West. Thousand are feared tortured or dead and a million Uyghurs are displaced in camps with no help from anyone. Maybe Ninestar can start by apologizing and letting Greenpeace or the US Gov or the European union in to inspect their facilities, but the odds of that happening are unrealistic. Maybe Ninestar can drop all clones and do only Reman’s? (LOL) A decade of well documented history has shown that China’s Ninestar cannot be trusted at any level and that’s the bottom line.

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