Chinese News Agencies Now In Defense of Ninestar, Claim ‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’.

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Date: Friday January 5, 2024 04:02:52 pm
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    Chinese News Agencies Now In Defense of Ninestar, Claim ‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’.
    Two Chinese news agencies are now in defense of Ninestar over Uygur forced labor claims and are making the US Gov. out to be the bad guys due to the UFLPA ban. No mention of even the words “toner” or “slave” in any of these articles, just a call out to help Ninestar. Here’s an excerpt, “Chinese companies should not accept this. We also hope that relevant industry associations provide more legal assistance and support to companies that were blacklisted by such unfair trade measures.”

    This kind of propaganda was to be expected coming from China’s home turf, we do it here at Tonernews quit often in the US in addressing the industry challenges that Ninestar happen to make worst for global OEMS and for honest toner recyclers and remanufacturers. These articles ad a new point of view to an already crowded field of information. At we believe that “The truth solves everything”, Ninestar antics and disrespected for US common law has cost them access to the world’s biggest economy and until geopolitical issues are also solved, these points of views make for some interesting reading.

    In the meantime,….
    The Chinese government sanctioned a U.S. firm
    for its research work related to forced labor and human rights abuses in Xinjiang.

    China’s foreign ministry has enacted sanctions against Kharon, a firm founded by former U.S. Treasury Department officials that provides data on alleged forced labor in the Xinjiang region. Kharon is a U.S.-based company that helps businesses comply with the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, which was signed into U.S. law in 2021 and denies entry to goods from companies originating from the Chinese region of Xinjiang found to be associated with forced labor. China has since frozen any assets held by Kharon and one of its senior researchers and is also prohibiting Chinese companies from working with the company.

    The sanctions expand on Beijing’s previous efforts to criminalize certain kinds of research, intimidate individual researchers, and make it harder for companies to comply with U.S. sanctions against China. The escalating sanctions fight between the U.S. and China risks forcing companies to choose between the world’s largest markets. Beijing has begun targeting China-based firms that provide supply chain audits and other due diligence research to U.S. firms to comply with U.S. sanctions. The sanctions against Kharon expand this crackdown beyond China’s border to include due diligence firms based in the U.S.

    Louisa Greve, the director of global advocacy for the Uyghur Human Rights Project stated the sanctions issued by Beijing were a ham-fisted attempt to hit back at an increasingly successful global campaign to call out its abuses. “Overall, it is clear that the Chinese government wishes to censor and intimidate anyone uncovering the facts about the Chinese government’s state imposed forced labor of Uyghurs…However, these sanctions cannot cover up the truth.”

    Nine Star – EcoTeq

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