Who’s Going to Make Toner and Printers for Xerox Now That Ninestar is Banned?

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Date: Monday June 26, 2023 04:15:50 pm
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    Who’s Going to Make Toner and Printers for Xerox Corp. Now That Ninestar is Banned? Xerox the other elephant in the room has stayed quiet since the US ban on Chinese goods in our industry. Now they might have to make nice with their Japanese arch nemesis Fujifilm to get things done.

    So much has been said about Lexmark’s relationship with their owners in China over the past two weeks, that Xerox has been overlooked and under the radar since the debacle that shocked the print industry back on June 9th. Did you know that China’s Ninestar has been making ‘Everyday Toner‘ and a lot of their printers for them, since they outsourced most internal manufacturing to China years ago. YES, the Iconic Xerox brand sold its soul and must now be contemplating new options for their print manufacturing sector, at least for what’s left of it.

    Slavery in the supply chain – Track Record Global

    No press release from Xerox on the Ninestar Ban?
    Companies do not generally own or operate the factories in which their goods are produced, and they may contract with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of different suppliers annually. However, this dependence on outsourcing has also led to a rise in modern-day slavery. Fast talking CEO Steve Bandrowczak who appeared on live TV to address every possibility in promoting his company in the few minutes he had, never saw the ban coming, and now he and the executives at Xerox are scrambling for a quick solution with NO fix insight. Xerox’s ‘Everyday Toner‘ was a cheap joke that really addressed their top competitor, the HP product toner line. A good number of distributors bought into reselling these fake Chinese toners and now the China  ‘Everyday Toner‘ toner line is in limbo. The famous Xerox brand will hopefully have learned it’s lesson this time around, and most importantly ‘have a conscience’, and NOT get things done in China from manufactures like Ninestar and Dinglong that still to this day enslave workers.

    Everyday Yellow Toner compatible with HP 207A (W2212A), Standard Yield 006R04194 by Xerox

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