Dudek, Zygoquest Provides One-Stop Shop Merger & Acquisition Services.

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Date: Monday May 6, 2024 03:27:07 pm
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    Dudek, Zygoquest Provides One-Stop Shop Merger & Acquisition Services

    1. Dudek, Zygoquest provides one-stop-shop Merger & Acquisition (M&A) services to business owners – For 24 years, Dudek, Zygoquest has been achieving strategic M&A deals – both sell-side and buy-side deals – for business owners.

    2. Reward yourself – contemplate an exit strategy – Your business is your most valuable asset. You deserve to be properly rewarded for all your hard work.  Schedule a call with Dudek.

    3. Bona Fides – Retain an expert – Dudek, Laughlin & Wisniewski are all CPA’s. Dudek is also a licensed PA attorney.  Many clients request Dudek to perform both advisory & legal services to meticulously plan and execute an exit.

    4. Dudek, Zygoquest manages the entire deal process & negotiations – While keeping you fully informed and actively engaged in the process enabling you concentrate on running your business successfully with minimal distraction.

    5. Dudek, Zygoquest base fee on your success – Dudek, Zygoquest fees are based upon in consummating a transaction.

    6. Dudek, Zygoquest has consummated over 600 deals in the office equipment & technology-service industries – Dudek has sold small, medium & large office equipment and IT service providers to countless buyers, including the largest industry buyers including: Xerox (direct), Global-Imaging, Canon, Konica-Minolta, Kyocera, Sharp, Pitney Bowes, DEX Imaging, Marco, ImageNet Consulting, All Copy Products, R.J. Young, UBEO, Flexprint-Oval Partners, Ray Morgan, Lowery, Kelley Connect, Office1, Visual Edge Technology, Image One, Fraser, Centric, Doing Better Business, Repeat Business Systems, SumnerOne, Wizix, Americom, Eakes, Frontier Communications, Carolina Wholesale, & countless others. See consummated deals at zygoquest.com.

    7. Dudek, Zygoquest also sells customer equipment lease portfolios – Dudek, Zygoquest has sold customer office equipment lease portfolios to leading financial institutions, including a $62,000,000 portfolio.

    8. Dudek, Zygoquest know all the buyers & their good & not so good tendencies – Dudek, Laughlin & Wisniewski know buyers in every market. Dudek, Zygoquest know which buyers offer fair prices.  Dudek, Zygoquest knows which buyers offer fair purchase terms & conditions.  Dudek, Zygoquest know which buyers stay true to the offers tendered and which buyers change the rules to gain advantage.

    9. Purchase prices offered differ dramatically – by hundreds of thousands of dollars on small deals – to millions of dollars on larger deals – Buyers can eliminate costs through consolidation which allows them to pay you a strategic price while realizing a target ROI. Not all buyers offer you a fair price and terms.  Dudek, Zygoquest distinguishes strategic buyers willing to pay fair prices and terms  – from bottom-feeders seeking to take advantage of your lack of M&A experience.

    10. Purchase price is only one of many critical deal elements to manage – While maximizing your purchase price may be your most important objective, there are many other complex financial, operational and legal deals issues that must be professionally managed to achieve a quality deal. Otherwise, you expose yourself to inordinate risk and your purchase price is likely to be eaten up through pre- and post-closing adjustments.

    11. Start planning today by requesting a sell-side engagement agreement by emailing Mike Dudek at mdudek@zygoquest.com.


    About Zygoquest Group and Mike Dudek
    Mike Dudek, an attorney and CPA, is the owner of Zygoquest Group “seeking to unite” which provides customized merger & acquisition services to buyers & sellers of companies.  Zygoquest is the #1 M&A authority in the office products industry.  Mike Dudek, Bill Laughlin & Rich Wisniewski are authors of over 600 consummated M&A transactions during their careers, including the sale of countless office equipment dealers and many IT service providers.  Prior to founding Zygoquest, Mike Dudek was Vice-President of Acquisitions and Vice-President of Finance for IKON Office Solutions, a $5.5 billion NYSE company acquired by Ricoh Corporation.  Mike Dudek has evaluated transactions ranging from the smallest transactions to the largest deals in the office products industry – from million-dollar deals to billion-dollar deals.  The Zygoquest website contains deals you will recognize.  See http://www.zygoquest.com.

    About Law Office of Mike Dudek
    Mike Dudek also owns the Law Office of Mike Dudek which provides owners and executives with customized and affordable legal services on mergers and acquisitions and other complex business transactions.  See http://www.mikedudeklaw.com.

    Mike Dudek, Zygoquest
    (610) 585-1330 / mdudek@zygoquest.com
    Bill Laughlin, Zygoquest
    (484) 682-7607 / blaughlin@zygoquest.com
    Rich Wisniewski, Zygoquest

    (602) 885-7945 / rwisniewski@zygoquest.com

    Mike Dudek’s mailing address:
    2329 Simcoe Road,
    Columbia Cross Roads, PA 16914

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