Epic Office Solutions LLC Sues Epson America for $20M Over Low Ink Cartridge Yield.

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Date: Tuesday January 2, 2024 03:29:47 pm
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    Plaintiff, Epic Office Solutions LLC, represented by The Roth Law Firm,
    sues Epson America, Inc. for the following reasons.
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    Epic Office Solutions LLC Vs. Epson America, Inc. 01 02 2023

    Epic Office Solutions - Urban Core Jacksonville, FL - Alignable
    CASE SUMMARY: This is a case of fraud and negligence by Epson for lying about the ink cartridge yields of its printers to Plaintiff Epic, its biggest buyer of Epson printers, causing huge financial losses to Epic.Epson’s behavior, as described below, is a disturbing variation of the “razor and blades business model” – a business tactic to generate steady, recurring revenue by trapping a customer on a platform or exclusive tool for a long time, such as by selling a razor at low cost to secure future sales of proprietary blades.1 In this case, Epson’s printers are the razor and ink is the blade.Epson deceitfully lied about the amount of ink its printers consumed to not only force Epic to buy the “highly efficient” printers, but more importantly, force Epic to buy hundreds of thousands of replacement ink cartridges in the future for its printers that “drink ink”.

    The shocking lie and behavior by Epson towards Epic are very serious. Epic has the largest number of Epson machines in the country and, this year, was awarded Epson dealer of the year.

    As its top dealer, Epic gave Epson undeniable evidence that Epson has lied about its printers’ yields and gave Epson many chances to fix its fraud, but Epson did not do so.

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