Etira President Martinez Emphatically Condemns China’s Ninestar Over Blue Angel Certification.

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Date: Tuesday December 1, 2020 11:44:58 am
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    Etira President Martinez Emphatically Condemns China’s Ninestar Over Blue Angel Certification.
    Ninestar admits errors in the application process.
    Ninestar Provides New Blue Angel Eco-label Update - RTM World
    The Chinese manufacturer Ninestar has commented on the allegations of improper use of the “Blue Angel” eco-label and admitted an error in the application process for the certified cartridges.

    The Chinese manufacturer announced in August that it had received the “Blue Angel” accreditation for several G&G branded toner modules. The environmental certification of the “Blue Angel” is only awarded for remanufactured toner cartridges. Test purchases of six G&G cartridges now revealed that they were Newbuild products. And although the “Blue Angel” logo was not affixed to these cartridges, they had the same item numbers as the “Blue Angel” -certified cartridges.

    Etira President Javier Martinez said: “We emphatically condemn any risk of confusion when it comes to certifications such as the ‘Blue Angel’. Customers are misled if they order an environmentally friendly reusable product, but in reality receive a disposable cartridge (‘SUC’). A SUC cannot be reused, but ends up in the landfill or clogs the recycling systems’ collection systems. ”Certification bodies must act quickly and decisively against misleading use of their logo. The “Blue Angel” environmental label is recognized in the industry and among customers, according to the Etira President. “Remanufacturers have gone to great lengths to obtain Blue Angel certification for their toners and cannot accept.

    The Chinese manufacturer has now responded to the accusation and stated in a statement that after knowledge of the error, they acted quickly to investigate the cause of the error. It was found that “as a result of human error” it was forgotten to add the letter “B” as a suffix to the reconditioned sample codes of the cartridges that were sent to TÜV Rheinland for testing. The only difference between the identification code of remanufactured and rebuilt toner cartridges from Ninestar is in this case the letter “B” as a suffix, the “B” refers to the “Blue Angel”, according to the company’s announcement. 

    The company expressed its regret. You are in dialogue with the certification body to correct the error. However, no Ninestar or G&G products with the “Blue Angel” eco-label have been delivered, the company emphasizes, and none are available on the market, “so that dealers and consumers are not affected”. After clarification, only certified products with the “Blue Angel” eco-label on the outer packaging would come onto the market.
    OEMs Urged to Support Remanufacturers to Keep Blue Angel - RTM World

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