Europe’s Claims to Catch Toner and Ink Counterfeiters in Turkey and UAE, But Did They REALLY?

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Date: Wednesday October 19, 2022 05:53:30 pm
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    Many clone-counterfeits on and no bust from and ISC on them?
    In a recent press release Europe’s claims to have raided and stopped toner and Ink Counterfeiters in Turkey and UAE, but no proof and no names have ever been released in their last 20 years in business, so is it true?

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    Articles are Design to Scare Businesses in the Toner-Ink Industry, Very Few Busts Ever Happen.
    It cost anywhere over €25,000+ a year to be a member of Europe’s and $25,000 a year to be a member of USA’s Imaging Supplies Coalition (ISC), and to-date since there inceptions, 20 plus years ago, no company names have ever been released to the public as to who are these toner and Ink Counterfeiters by these organizations. It’s either an internal secret or it never happened. Let’s face it when OEM’s pay so much money to be part of a crime fighting organization, ICCE and ISC have to show their hands at least a couple of times a years, so they send out fancy press release with pretty photos and generic articles about their claim to fame in busting counterfeiters, but it’s probably not true most of the time because of the lack of actual transparency in their crime fighting. No company name is ever released as to who are these counterfeiters and no individual by name have ever been released as well? yet they stopped counterfeiters all over Europe the middle east and the US, yeah right!

    ICCE and ISC No-Show: 29,000+ Chinese Counterfeit Toner Brands Have Flooded Europe Since 2018.
    We are living through the information age; information is easily and readily available to everyone. It’s time for more transparency and honesty from businesses and organizations that claim to help the public. If you have been in trouble for counterfeiting and you name is plastered on the net, you are probably not going to counterfeit again. As a news service would like to ask Europe’s and USA’s Imaging Supplies Coalition (ISC) to show us your hand! who are these counterfeiters? by their business names and who are these individuals. Ater 20 years, has amassed enough information for ICCE and ISC to stay busy and bust/raid many, many Chinese toner cloner-counterfeiters in the US and in Europe year-round, but to date it’s never happened and that is why we wrote this article. Hopefully ICCE and ISC will read this, get up off their assess and do the industry right or else the OEMs are wasting their money with these so called organizations.

    No Proof, No Case - YouTube

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