Fake Italian Toner Scam Exposed: Businessman Arrested for Fraud.

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Date: Wednesday February 21, 2024 04:49:07 pm
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    Fake Italian Toner Scam Exposed: Businessman Arrested for Fraud.
    A 44-year-old businessman from Benevento, Carmine Aversano, was arrested and sent to prison by the order of a judge in Turin on Wednesday. He is accused of being the leader of a criminal group that sold fake toner cartridges for printers to public institutions, such as the Carabinieri (the Italian military police) and the Moscati Hospital in Avellino.

    The cartridges were not original but had the logo of the manufacturer. The group allegedly won several public tenders by offering lower prices than the competitors. However, the quality of the cartridges was poor, and they often caused damage to the printers. The fraud was discovered by the Carabinieri, who noticed that the cartridges they received were different from the ones they ordered. They alerted the authorities and launched an investigation.

    The investigation involved six other people, who are under investigation but not arrested. They are suspected of being part of the criminal group or collaborating with them. The authorities also seized Aversano’s assets and bank accounts, which amounted to more than 2 million euros. The investigation is still ongoing, and more arrests are possible.

    The fake toner scam is one of the many cases of fraud and corruption that affect the public sector in Italy. The authorities are trying to crack down on these practices and protect the interests of the taxpayers and the consumers. The case of Aversano and his group is a warning to those who try to cheat the system and profit from illegal activities.

    Toner falsi a carabinieri e 'Moscati', arrestato un imprenditore di Benevento - Ottopagine.it Benevento

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