Infringement: Fujifilm Sues Kodak Over Print Patent.

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Date: Thursday March 21, 2024 12:34:40 am
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    Fujifilm Sues Kodak Over Print Patent Infringement.
    FUJIFILM North America Corporation has initiated a legal battle against Eastman Kodak Company, citing patent infringement. The case, lodged in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, revolves around four patents tied to processless lithographic printing plate technology.
    (click here to download the lawsuit for free)

    The subsidiary of FUJIFILM Holdings America Corporation accuses Kodak of infringing on its patents through the production, utilization, and distribution of specific process less lithographic printing plate products, notably the SONORA X and SONORA XTRA lines. The disputed patents, U.S. Patent Nos. 10,427,443, 10,525,696, 10,875,346, and 11,294,279, encompass a range of technological facets, including methods and equipment.

    Seeking both monetary damages and an injunction to halt Kodak’s purportedly infringing actions, FUJIFILM’s division president, Toyoyuki “Tommy” Katagiri, has expressed the firm’s resolve to safeguard its R&D investments and uphold its intellectual property rights across the U.S. and internationally.

    This lawsuit is an extension of previous legal actions taken by FUJIFILM Corporation against Kodak’s European subsidiaries in late 2023 over similar patent violations.

    Operating within FUJIFILM North America Corporation’s Graphic Communication Division, FUJIFILM continues to supply the graphic printing industry with innovative products and services. The company remains dedicated to fostering innovation and defending intellectual property, serving a diverse clientele from small family-run businesses to large-scale printing enterprises.

    Amidst these legal proceedings, Fujifilm is reinforcing its status as a frontrunner in multiple technology domains, including imaging, electronic imaging, graphic communication, and optical devices. The company’s global revenues for the fiscal year concluding on March 31, 2023, were reported to be around 2.9 trillion yen, equivalent to $21 billion USD.

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