Hey China’ Ninestar, Calling USA’s Tonernews.com ‘Fake News’ Wont’ Stop us From Telling the Truth!!!

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Date: Tuesday January 31, 2023 04:01:08 pm | Views: 793
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    Calling Tonernews.com ‘Fake News’ was the On-Going Theme at China’s Hot Potato Webinar last week, but industry insider know very well that China’s toner industry cartel is an industrial hoax. The more Chinese toner and ink cloners look for legitimacy the more OEM lawsuits are showing up against them every day.

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    Trying to persuade companies around the globe that the Chinese toner cartel are legitimate toner and ink remanufacturers that respect to the environment might be a goal at Ninestar Hot Potato Webinar, but history has shown us the total opposite. With hundreds of counterfeit toner and ink lawsuits in the books against this cartel, tens of thousands of Amazon counterfeit toner product takedowns by Canon inc. since 2017, and daily lawsuits popping up (even this week), China’s Ninestar, Printrite, Hubey DIngdong, Aster Graphigs, Asta, GPC and many others are desperately scrambling to change an already tarnished reputation.


    Tonernews.com does not make these Chinese counterfeit toner and ink stories up, these are FACTUAL events, we are just reporting on them like we have for the two past decade. China’s No trust factor in our toner industry is also part of the country’s long history with counterfeiting Western goods and brands. Going forward for this Chinese cartel will remain a constant challenge for legitimacy. Don’t except Tonernews.com to let up on telling the truth, because we won’t stop until they are all banned from importing into the USA!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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