Hey Martin Wang of China’s Chipjet, Tell The Truth! YES OR NO? (Waiting for Your Reply)

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Date: Sunday August 23, 2020 12:56:13 pm
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    Hey Martin Wang of China’s Chipjet, Tell The Truth!
    YES OR NO?
    Yes to the No! | Life After 50
    Founding CEO Shares China’s ChipJet Story. (Video)
    Chipjet has been in the news recently and fake news stories have been published on industry media sites particularly in the USA about this China-based manufacturer. David Gibbons interviews Martin Wang, the founding general manager of Chipjet, to get to the truth.

    Tonernews.com is just replying to the above video that was made to address us as fake news, we were nice and courteous the last time but this time we are going to address our alligations about this carefully coordinated recent video with David Gibbons and Martin Wang from China’s Chipjet, who’s company basically reverse engineers hp toner chips and then claims these so called aftermarket chips as their latest greatest technology, really?.

    Tonernews.com would like to ask Martin Wang of China’s Chipjet a simple YES or NO question…
    Did Hp Authorize China’s Chipjet to Clone/Copy Their Toner Chips?
    YES OR NO!!!

    Now we all know the answer to this question, since of course Hp would never authorize China’s Apex and Chipjet or any aftermarket company to do so, but to be fair we will give Martin Wang the opportunity to reply, so Martin please reply to Tonernews.com’s question at this email: Tonernews@gmail.com

    if you can provide us at Tonernews.com with proof that Hp did authorize your company to clone/reverse engineer their toner chips for resale then we have no problem writing you an apology/retractions and we will even give you free advertising on Tonernews.com,
    So please be fair and objective and answer the question and tell the truth ….
    Did Hp Authorize Chipjet your company in China
    to Clone/Copy for resale Their Toner Chips?

    YES OR NO!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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