How Blackford Capitol Pillaged and Lost its Mojo in the Aftermarket Toner Industry.

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Date: Tuesday June 14, 2022 12:50:27 pm | Views: 922
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    Blackford Capitol came into the industry with a pocket full of cash and is now leaving the industry with a history of pillaged acquisitions.

    Aspirations are dreams, hopes, or ambitions to achieve a life goal. They can be thought of as overarching life goals that can help provide a sense of purpose and direction. That was Blackford Capitol’s vision when they entered the industry many moons ago, but their fruition never came to term mostly because of their business strategy. The downfall started back on November 9th, 2021, when we received an anonymous article that “Blackford Capitol was Accused Of Pillaging Now Defunct Online Tech Store”, and although that article was a hit for Tonernews.com with 1,600+ views, the article showed strains in Blackford’s way of doing business, then came the first rumor of the demise of Supplieswholesalers.com back in February 2022. Moreover, we also got many calls and emails over the last few months about Blackford and what they were going through to find a potential buyer for these businesses, many things that we could not publish until now. And now International Toner Company, Supplies Wholesalers, and Cartridge World USA all have been officially acquired by CWG International, Inc./Arlington industries from Blackford Capitol.

    It’s a good thing that Arlington is around to scoop these companies up or else Blackford would really look like total amateurs from what we were hearing. We also looked for this toner industry “transitional news” on Blackford Capitols website, but nothing is mentioned about these companies or the sale to CWG International, Inc. Guess Tonernews.com is again the only site that is giving the industry this history lesson. We feel that these Blackford Capitol company downfalls were mostly due to poor sales planning and a focus on Chinese goods. All the Blackford companies mentioned where heavily over invested in clones that eventually ended up undercutting their own stocks of Reman’s and OEM’s, by dumping these cheap, toxic, overproduced goods on the market. They all carried the same clones and ended up unknowingly competing with each other, all of this happened with no oversight by Blackford’s management. Then came the pandemic and now a possible recession, so it’s now time to bail and never mention any of this on Blackford’s website.

    Hopefully, some US jobs from these companies have been saved thanks to Arlington industries. Of course, there will probably be more to come on Blackford’s fall from grace. Let this be a lesson to those who think that greed is good and may be important for economic progress. Greed is a bottomless pit that rarely reaches its goal and contributes to a society‚Äôs decline. Unchecked greed can destroy the soul of humanity and Russia’s Putin is a perfect example of that.Granlund cartoon: Controlling Trump

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