How Canon Parlayed It’s Hundred Million Dollars Toner Win Vs. China’s Ninestar.

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Date: Wednesday March 10, 2021 03:41:57 pm | Views: 1291
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    How Canon Parlayed It’s
    Hundred Million Dollars Toner Win Vs. China’s Ninestar.

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    Last December 2020, China’s Ninestar was gathering funds and borrowing left and right which seemed to us like the usual shuffling of funds between highly questionable business entities. The following month and out of the blue and after 3 years of litigation, Ninestar settled with arch-enemy Japan’s Canon inc. over the millions of counterfeit HP toners that they peddled around the globe the past decade. We believe that although the amount of settlement was kept a secret, it had to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and that is why Ninestar was borrowing the $488M in the first place the month before. Also there is a good deal of evidence that the funds Ninestar got, came directly from the actual Chinese Government to bail them out once again.

    After that success Canon took it’s millions in winnings and again sent the Los Angeles law firm of Venable LLP, headed by Michael P. Sandonato and Sarah S. Brooks back to work. This time around it’s not laser toner but copier toner for its imageRUNNER series printers Vs. 26 U.S. dealers and reselllers. From a news point of view it’s been quite the roller coaster but for resellers of these clone toners, it must be the continuous nightmare that won’t go away.  Let’s also not forget the weekly toner take downs that are still going on every week for HP laser toner products that Canon is also having great success with on

    Chinese clone toner is now a documented counterfeit product and everyone needs to stop selling these goods around the globe because eventually the OEM’s are going to catch you and make you pay one way or another. Canon has done a great job of taking on this Chinese challenge and let’s not forget Epson and Brother that are probably working hand in hand with Canon and HP to put an end to this fake industry once and for all. At we are here to remind you that the toner aftermarket industry was naturally design to only handle the empty toners that are being collected for remanufacturing, and that anything else out there besides OEM’s and Reman’s are basically counterfeit goods.

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