Did Lexmark Really Leave Russia? How China’s Ninestar Silenced Lexmark’s Support for Ukraine.

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Date: Friday September 23, 2022 03:28:36 pm
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    It’s one thing to say, “We feels a responsibility to take action to support Ukraine”, it’s another thing to do it.

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    Back In February 2022 when Russia’s war Vs. Ukraine started all the OEMs in our industry where quick to show their solidarity for Ukraine, everyone was onboard apart from Lexmark and Xerox who either forgot to type something up or really didn’t care to do so? After a long wait from Lexmark and Xerox, Tonernews.com decided to reach out to them directly and they then quickly typed something up to show their solidarity for Ukraine. We don’t know if they were sincere about it but at least their press releases looked good on paper.

    Moving forward to August 5th, 2022, and out of the blue, two Russian partnering companies release a statement that, F+ Imaging-Marvel CT have Acquired Russia’s Printer Business from Lexmark. Now this took Tonernews.com by surprise especially since to date Lexmark Int’l has never released a statement about it anywhere around the world on any of their sites in the US and in China, since everyone taught that they were completely out of Russia since last March, but they weren’t. This particular sale in Russia was kept quiet until it was pointed out by an industry insider Ray Stasieczko just last week on his famous YouTube video blog. Now to be fair it’s possible that Lexmark was trying to sell and unload this Russian business all this time and it took them a good 6 months to do so, but again why not have a formal press release about it afterwards, and why keep it a secret. It’s been a month and a half since the Russian press releases from August 5th, and still no press release from Lexmark about the sale in Russia? and why say “We have made a donation to the Red Cross to support relief efforts” to make it look like money is going to be donated in the west to help Ukraine when actually the “Red Cross donation” was actually done in China?, that’s sure not going to help Ukraine.

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    There seems to be issues with US businesses being state owned by China, and in Lexmark’s case we all know that their parent Chinese company Ninestar, is as shady as they come. There’s been a call for more transparency from Ninestar especially with their involvement with Lexmark in the US, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon, because Chinese state-owned businesses have for the most part eroded public trust in the West, and in Ninestar’s case, they are well aware of that. Being transparent is more than good policy. It’s a way of ensuring your employees stay satisfied. You trust them with the information and in turn, they reward you with loyalty. Organizational transparency creates trust among stakeholders, informs decision-making, and fosters greater participation.

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