Hp and Others Join Coalition to Employ Refugees and Migrants in Mexico.

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Date: Thursday February 8, 2024 05:26:33 pm
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    Hp and Others Join Coalition to Employ Refugees and Migrants in Mexico.
    Mexico has become a destination for thousands of refugees and migrants from countries like Venezuela, Haiti, and Cuba, who are fleeing violence, poverty, and political turmoil. However, many of them face challenges in finding formal employment and integrating into the Mexican society.

    To address this issue, a coalition of 46 major companies, led by the Tent Partnership for Refugees, has launched Tent México, a initiative that aims to connect refugees and migrants to jobs and provide them with job preparation support. The coalition includes global brands such as HP, Amazon, HSBC, Marriott, and Walmart, as well as local businesses such as Chedraui, Coppel, and FEMSA.

    Tent México is the first national coalition of its kind in Latin America, and it builds on the existing efforts of Tent, a global network of companies committed to the labor market integration of refugees. Tent has already established similar coalitions in Canada, France, Spain, and the United States.

    The companies that join Tent México pledge to reduce the barriers that refugees and migrants face in accessing employment opportunities, such as language, documentation, and discrimination. They also commit to providing them with training, mentoring, and career development programs, as well as creating a more inclusive and diverse work environment.

    According to Tent, hiring refugees and migrants is not only a social responsibility, but also a smart business decision. Refugees and migrants bring valuable skills, experiences, and perspectives that can help companies fill labor shortages, increase innovation, and reach new markets. Moreover, hiring refugees and migrants can also boost the local economy and foster social cohesion.

    Tent México launches at a time when there is significant support from the Mexican public for companies hiring refugees. A recent survey conducted by Tent and Ipsos found that 71% of Mexicans agree that companies should hire refugees, and 66% say they would be more likely to buy from a company that does so.

    Tent México hopes to inspire more companies to join the coalition and make a positive impact on the lives of refugees and migrants, as well as on the Mexican society and economy. As Gideon Maltz, CEO of Tent, said: “By doing so, companies will see incredible dividends, they will gain loyal and dedicated workers, all while helping refugees and migrants become self-sufficient and contribute to their new community.”123

    Why the Refugee Caravan Is So Big—and What We Need to Do About It | The Nation
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