HP is NOT the Enemy, Chinese Toner is!

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Date: Friday October 7, 2022 03:33:32 pm
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    Some in the west like to bash HP for its manufacturing in China and the use of its dynamic toner chip software, but the real problem is the amount of fake toner around the globe, that is more than most OEM manufacturer.

    What's So Bad About Bribery? | i-Sight

    It’s true, not everyone in print industry has the same agenda, Tonernews.com has one simple calling, to get a ban on Chinese toner globally. Others view the print industry differently. Others view it from a MPS point of view, some from a A3 to a A4 geopolitical threat to technology, and so many really don’t give a shit, it’s whatever they have to do to survive and make money.

    You know you’ve made it when others take credit for your cause and hard work.
    In our industry Tricia Judge of the I-ITC is doing a good job circling the wagon and making people and our government aware of what the Chinese cartel has done to our industry and getting 59 US congressmen to sign a petition to ban these goods at the GSA is a great accomplishment. But it’s a constant challenge because of the size of this Chinese cartels reach around the globle. There are now tens of millions of clone toner and inks in circulation on any given month. There are now thousands of aliases fake brands. there are now millions in counterfeit toner and ink that is also being made by this same Chinese toner cartel that’s pitching non-infringing products. It’s almost to the point of no return since Tonernews.com is really the only place to point this out to the industry and because everyone else has sold out.

    US will be the first to ban the import of clones, while Europe will play politics and go after the OEM’s.
    The latest trend is to bash HP because most of the clone and counterfeit products have issues with HP’s toner chips, since they are trying to upend this cartel’s global distribution. HP is doing what must do to survive and bashing them is not going to change anything. Without HP toner and inks there is no industry, there is no remanufacturing and even no clones. HP is no angel to the aftermarket and are as wasteful as the cartel because they don’t remanufacture any toner and inks. Who’ right and who’s wrong is the constant question. In Europe they go more after the OEM’s than the Chinese because it’s easier to go after big corporations and get them to pay fines and because they are also used to kissing Chinese a$$.

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