Impossible to Remanufacture: HP’s New Toner Technology Renders the OEM’s Toner Chip Unusable After One Single Use.

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Date: Wednesday December 21, 2022 03:38:14 pm
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    The optimal solution to our environmental crisis is simply to consume less and reuse more! Toner cartridges are a great example of a product that once used initially can be remanufactured locally, sustainably, and repeatedly before being recycled. Saddly HP appears to have reverted back to monopolistic practices which aim to crush small businesses and happen to also harm the environment. 
    By Anonymous.

    Environmental Impact of Recycling Ink and Toner Cartridges

    While they make bold claims such as; “HP continues with the high aim of being the world’s most sustainable and just tech company—taking urgent action to combat climate change, protect human rights, and accelerate digital equity.”  In reality, they are now supporting single-use plastics for some of their newly released monochrome models such as the MFP 3101 & 3001, in addition to the MFP 4101 & 4001.  

    HP has updated the chips they use on these products and will likely be using the same technology on their upcoming new color printer and MFP releases. This technology renders the chip unusable after a single use. Thus making the cartridges impossible to remanufacture.  Remanufacturing is critical in creating a closed-loop sustainable system that greatly reduces excess mining of raw materials, the carbon to manufacture and ship the cartridges as well as the issue of going direct to landfill which happens with these single-use products.  Remanufacturing also creates local and small business opportunities and then strengthens a circular economy.

    HP’s robust collection program for their used toner and ink cartridges includes breaking them back down into raw materials however, with the shipping cost and energy consumption of refining it is only minimally better for the environment than sending them straight to the landfill. Remanufacturing is a significantly better option for the environment and the economy.

    China’s Ninestar says they will have the chips out early 2023 for these new HP models but as you know, they will only promote them for new clone-plastic toners and delay honest remanufacturers access to them, thus Chinese chips prices will be way too high from the onset. So the market will only have OEM HP and Chinese new plastic-clones, making nearly every product sold and used to be single use plastics. Absolutely mind-blowing. HP knows this and apparently does not care as evidenced by their business practices that not only promote but, in this case, dictate single usage resulting in a highly profitable monopoly. 

    Petition · Support U​.​S. Remanufacturing! Help Stop the Importation of Single Use Printer Cartridges ·
    Preventing Ocean Pollution - Greenpeace USA

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