INDUSTRY FIRST: NO MORE PLASTIC; Paper-Made Ink Cartridges!!!

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Date: Wednesday May 8, 2024 03:15:25 pm
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    Mimaki Sets New Sustainability Standards with Paper-Made Ink Cartridges.

    In a groundbreaking move, Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. has announced the global launch of its new paper-made ink cartridges, marking a significant step towards environmental sustainability in the printing industry. This innovative initiative is projected to result in an annual reduction of 44 tons of plastic and 65 tons of CO2 emissions, setting a new benchmark for eco-friendly practices.

    Projected annual reduction of 44 tons of plastic and 65 tons of CO2 emissions per a year. Launching worldwide shipment of paper made ink cartridges. | Product | News | MIMAKI

    The company’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint is evident in its shift from traditional plastic cartridges to those made of paper. This transition not only addresses the urgent need to minimize plastic waste but also demonstrates Mimaki’s dedication to pioneering sustainable solutions.

    The new paper-based cartridges are designed to be fully compatible with Mimaki’s range of printers, ensuring that customers can make a seamless switch without compromising on quality or performance. The cartridges are also engineered to be easily recyclable, further contributing to the circular economy.

    Mimaki’s decision to distribute these cartridges worldwide reflects its global perspective on environmental responsibility. By making these sustainable options available to all its customers, Mimaki is leading by example and encouraging the entire industry to follow suit.

    The anticipated reduction of 44 tons of plastic waste is a testament to the potential impact of such initiatives. Plastic pollution is a pressing global issue, and Mimaki’s efforts to address it head-on are commendable. Similarly, the projected decrease of 65 tons in CO2 emissions per year highlights the company’s proactive approach to combating climate change.

    As Mimaki rolls out its paper-made ink cartridges across the globe, the industry looks on with keen interest. This move not only represents a win for the environment but also positions Mimaki as a forward-thinking leader in sustainable innovation. For more accurate details about their products and sustainability efforts, please refer to their official communications.

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