“Ink Justice: Canon Secures Decisive Win in China Vs Two HP Toner Counterfeiters” (who are they?)

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Date: Sunday May 12, 2024 03:09:18 pm
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    “Ink Justice: Canon Secures Decisive Win in China Vs Two HP Toner Counterfeiters”
    Canon Inc. has recently finalized a patent infringement lawsuit against two Chinese companies, Shanghai Baiyingmei Printer Consumables Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Baiyingmei Printer Consumables Co., Ltd. The lawsuit, which was initiated in June 2021, pertained to the alleged infringement of Canon’s Chinese invention patent no. ZL200780047584.6 (CN 101568887 B). The patent in question covers the manufacturing and sale of specific toner cartridges designed for use in various HP laser beam printer models.

    The toner cartridges involved in the lawsuit include models PTCRG-119/319/519/719-CE505A, PTCE505A, PTCE505XL, PTCRG-119II/319II/519II/719II-CE505X, PTCE505X, PTCF280A, PTCF280X, PTCE255A, PTCE255X, PTCF226A, PTCF226X, PTCF287A, PTCF287X, PTCF228A, and PTCF228X. The Shanghai Intellectual Property Court ruled in favor of Canon in February 2024, finding that these toner cartridges indeed infringed upon Canon’s patent and ordering the defendants to cease infringement and compensate Canon for damages incurred.

    This ruling is significant as it underscores the importance of intellectual property rights, and the measures companies will take to protect their innovations. Canon has expressed its commitment to respecting the intellectual property rights of others and expects the same in return. The company has a history of legal enforcement against entities that disregard its intellectual property rights, and this case serves as a reminder of Canon’s stance on the matter.

    The conclusion of this lawsuit marks a victory for Canon in its efforts to safeguard its patents and maintain the integrity of its product offerings. The company continues to monitor the market to ensure that its patents are not being infringed upon and is prepared to take legal action when necessary to defend its rights. Canon’s dedication to innovation and the protection of its intellectual property is a cornerstone of its business philosophy, and this case exemplifies the company’s proactive approach to upholding these principles.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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