It’s Time for the Authorities and to Clean Up China’s Toner Industry!

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Date: Sunday October 30, 2022 03:50:09 pm
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    After a decade of scams and cheats it’s time for change from the Chinese authorities and their trade publication

    The STOP Method of Senior Fraud Prevention -

    It’s easy to support something from afar and act like you are part of a good cause, but if you are deep into a corrupt industry, then at some point you need to be serious and try to change things for the better, especially if you are trying to be an honest news agency that represent their fellow constituents. David Gibbons of talks and acts like he really cares about change and wants to stamp out cheats and scams, but to date he’s done absolutely nothing about it in China. David Gibbons ‘knows where all the bodies are buried’ (figure of speech) especially those who wrongfully label their packaging, wrongfully use the SMTC label, wrongfully use harmful toxins in their cartridges to produce a cheaper product’, but so far David is all talk no action. Frankly, there are so many scams coming from China in our industry that it’s time for the Chinese Gov. to intervene and do something about it! We here in the west are all-in, in cleaning up China’s dirty toner industry, we have tens of thousands of Amazon product take downs, hundreds of lawsuits in the books, multiple global raids of busted counterfeiters, and now even US elected officials are involved, and we are still exposing NEW scams coming from China every day.

    There is so much hard work going on to stop this bogus Chinese cartel in the west that it’s surprising to find out that to date nothing has ever been done about it in China. Even China’s big Ninestar through their Ink-Tank divison was busted in 2021 for slave laboring employees (download) and nothing was done about it. And if Ninestar’s Zhuhai National Resources & Jingjie Printing Technology co. ltd also known as Ink-tank brand can get away with it, then all the others in the cartel are surely easily abusing employees among other ongoing crimes and scams.

    David Gibbons of is all talk no action.
    This coming week China’s is holding its annual Remax trade show From November 3rd through the 5th, 2022. You can see all the latest (fake) products coming from this cartel (Company names below). 100% of these companies in this trade show have never been authorized to resell HP, Brother, Canon, Epson toner and ink products, but they do anyway. We are hoping that the Chinese authorities will be paying attention and raid dishonest businesses and shut them down once and for all. It would also be nice to see David Gibbons of to name, names and shame these companies that constantly scam since this was his idea and since he’s apparently so concerned. 

    inTouch TV - RTM World Printer Market insights and News

    These companies have never been authorized
    to resell HP, Brother, Canon, Epson toner and ink products, but do anyway.

    Ao Heng Fat Technology Co., Ltd

    Jiangxi Kilider Technology Co., Ltd
    Speed Infotech (Beihai) Company Limited
    HeShun Technology Printing Materials Co., Ltd
    Shenzhen Jinyinda Technology Co., Ltd
    Guangzhou Zhono Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
    Lingke Ultrasonics Co.,Ltd
    Zhuhai Ninestar Information Technology Co., Ltd
    Zhuhai Megain Technology Co., Ltd
    Fitwell Image Co., Ltd
    Zhuhai National Resources & Jingjie Printing Technology Co., Ltd
    Shenzhen Inkbank Graphic Technology Co., Ltd
    Tohita Development Co., Ltd
    Cangzhou Asc Toner Production Co., Ltd
    Zhongshan Fuluxiang Office Equipment Co., Ltd
    Zhongshan Kingway Image Tech Co., Ltd
    Zhuhai Kepler Printing Technology Co., Ltd.
    Zhuhai Alpha Chem Technology Co, Ltd.
    Zhuhai Yuan Cheng Digital Technology Co.,Ltd
    Guangzhou Xinsicai Office Equipment Co., Ltd
    Zhuhai Chaojun Technology Co., Ltd
    Gold East International Co., Ltd
    ASC Technology (Beijing) LTD
    Huizhou Sanhua Industrial Co., Ltd
    Print-Rite Technology Development Co., Ltd of Zhuhai
    Zhuhai Xijin Printer Consumables Co., Ltd
    Zhuhai Kingtech Print Co., Ltd
    Zhuhai Gikar Industrial Co., Ltd
    Guangdong Guang TianTechnology Co., Ltd.
    Chinamate I-Technology Co., Ltd
    Kuroki Industrial Co., Ltd
    Xinyin Technology Co., Ltd
    Tianjin Synthetic Material Research Institute Co., Ltd
    Zhuhai Mito Color Imaging Co., Ltd
    Nanjing Teshine Imaging Technologies Co., Ltd
    Hangzhou Chipjet Technology Co., Ltd
    Zhuhai Topcolor Image Products Inc.
    Cumtenn Intelligent Information Science and Technolog(Zhejiang)Co., Ltd
    Shanghai Zeli Precision Industry Co.,Ltd
    Linyi Lanjing Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd
    Dongguan Ocbestjet (Supercolor) Printer Consumable Co, Ltd
    Zhongshan Welike Print Systems Ltd
    Guangzhou A & G Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
    Topjet Technology Co., Ltd

    RemaxWorld Expo Zhuhai China for Printers and Supplies - RTM WorldScam City - IMDb

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