Landa to Open New INK Plant in North America.

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Date: Monday January 22, 2024 04:07:17 pm
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    Landa to Open New INK Plant in North America.
    To meet the needs of its North American customers, Landa Digital Printing has announced its plan to open a new ink factory in the second half of 2024.

    The factory will produce the company’s water based NanoInk inks, which are essential for its unique ‘nano graphic printing’ method.

    The factory will be the third of its kind, joining the existing ones in Israel and the Netherlands. It will aim to provide sufficient capacity for the North American market, in line with Landa’s growth strategy.

    Landa’s CEO, Gil Oron, said: “Our North American customer base is very important to us.

    “We are expanding fast in the region and the new factory will enable us to meet the demand we are experiencing. The factory will deliver NanoInk to our customers, which allows them to create Landa’s amazing images with digital versatility and the fastest turnaround times.”

    The factory will be in the Midwestern US and will start production in late 2024. It will be fully run by Landa and will serve print companies in the US, Mexico, and Canada, which are a growing segment for the company.

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