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Date: Monday February 22, 2021 10:29:27 am | Views: 399
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    MORE Silence of The Clones From, and, and Also Stay Mum on Clover’s Feb 24th Webinar on the Dangers of Chinese Clone Toner.

    Chinese money has had and still has great influence over our print industry for decades now. You would think that at least one other of these so-called news agencies along with the other two no-shows, ( and would also take part in Clover’s Feb 24th Webinar on the Dangers of Chinese Clone Toner, but such is not the case.  USA’s, and have also decided to not mention the now famous webinar? To our great surprise China’s did mention the webinar along with the challenges for the industry, so it now look like and China’s are the only source of information for the industry on this event pertaining to the fake Chinese clone toner industry. At we don’t mind promoting this webinar since that’s we do anyway, but it does leave us and many in the industry wondering of how much influence the Chinese gov, who owns (directly and in-directly) Ninestar, Printrite, Aster, Dinglong and GPC has over the news in our industry?

    Clover’s Feb 24th Webinar on the Dangers of Chinese Clone Toner is really no different than any other industry webinars that take place in our industry every week, but this subject does hit a nerve and leave many confused as to what is the right thing to do? It’s a shame that money corrupts so many who lack the moral clarity of right from wrong. Chinese clone toner is a counterfeit product and should be banned in most countries around the world, especially since most of the chips inside these fake toners are coming directly from Ninestar-Apex a well documented branch of the Chinese Communist Party that has been data-mining everyone’s personal information around the globe for decades now. These are one of the many issues and subjects that will be taking place at this now famous webinar hosted by Tricia Judge this Wednesday Feb. 24th. Please don’t forget to register and be part of the change, because the truth solves everything!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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