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Date: Monday February 8, 2021 12:23:47 pm | Views: 739
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    Silence of the Clones From and
    UK’s and China-Charley’s Stay Mum on Clover’s Feb 24th Webinar on the Dangers of Chinese Clone Toner.
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    For those of us in the news business, whenever there’s any new press releases coming from the famous Clover imaging, it send us all in a rush to post it and get it out to the industry right away, but this time around and have chosen to keep it out their news cycle? Of course when the subject matter is a Webinar on ‘the Dangers of Chinese Clone Toner’ it looks like and don’t want to offend their top Chinese advertisers and therefor chose to not mention this webinar. We ask why not? since Clover also advertises with them as well! If you are going to be an industry news source, you have to be fair and objective, right? Lol.

    Also this time around it looks like the famous Tricia Judge from Int’l ITC will be heading this webinar. At we are very proud of her new stand Vs. the Cloners and are glad to see her back on the right side of the industry.

    We encourage everyone in the industry to register and be part of this important industry event, Tricia Judge from Int’l ITC who will be heading this webinar is no longer taking any prisoners on this subject, she’s going to be blunt and to the point just like we are at Please mark this date on your calendar and we’ll all see you at the webinar, because the truth solves everything!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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