Pacific Office Automation Parties and Rakes-in Revenue of $458M in 2023!

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Date: Monday January 22, 2024 08:11:51 pm
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    Pacific Office Automation Parties and Rakes-in Revenue of $458M in 2023!
    400 employees braved the snow to attend POA’s Annual Meeting at Oregon Convention Center.
    Coca-Cola named the official soft drink of the Pacific Office Automation 147 –
    Despite the snowstorm, 400 employees of Pacific Office Automation (POA) gathered at the Oregon Convention Center on Saturday, January 13, to celebrate the company’s remarkable achievements in 2023. POA, the leading independent office equipment dealer in the U.S., reported a 9% increase in annual revenue over 2022, reaching $458 million. This marked the 47th year in a row that the company grew its revenue, a feat that was applauded by live Broadway performers, key industry partners, and analysts who joined the event. The company also announced its ambitious goal of hitting $500 million in 2024.

    Doug Pitassi, the president and CEO of POA, revealed the company’s theme for 2024: ‘Be the Exception’. He explained that this theme was inspired by James Clear’s bestselling book, Atomic Habits, and that it reflected the company’s culture of excellence and innovation. He said, “Each employee contributes to our success in their own unique way. This meeting is a chance for us to recognize our achievements as a team, and also to identify new opportunities for growth and improvement.”

    POA saw growth in all its markets, including Oregon, Washington, the Southwest, the Mountain Region, Texas, California, and Nevada. The Southwest market was especially proud of reaching its long-awaited target of $100 million in revenue, while Oregon, where POA is headquartered, achieved $146 million in revenue in 2023. POA also plans to expand its IT Services division, which grew by nearly 12% in 2023.

    Laura Blackmer, the president of channel sales at Konica Minolta, praised POA as the largest independent dealer for Konica Minolta in the U.S., North America, and the world. She quoted [Coach] John Wooden, who said, ‘Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character.’ She added, “POA has shown both talent and character by growing its revenue year after year. You have proven that you are the exception. Whatever you do next, you will only soar higher and higher.”

    Mike Marusic, the CEO and president of Sharp, also congratulated POA on its 2023 achievements during the Banquet segment of the meeting. Other key industry players who attended the event included Sam Yoshida, the CEO of Canon, and Jim Coriddi, the SVP at Ricoh.
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