Planet Ark Toner Recycler Appoints Rebecca Gilling as New NEW CEO.

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Date: Saturday November 26, 2022 09:15:14 pm
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    Former actress and model Rebecca Gilling has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of environmental foundation Planet Ark.

    A stalwart of the Planet Ark team for more than 20 years, Gilling has been fundamental to building the organisation’s credentials as a trusted environmental group. She takes over the role from Paul Klymenko, a founding director of Planet Ark who will continue supporting the team as a strategic advisor. Gilling’s appointment was announced at Planet Ark’s inaugural Circularity Live conference in Sydney on Thursday. 

     The former actress graced television and cinema screens for more than two decades, starring in iconic Australian TV programs including The Young Doctors and Return to Eden.  

     In her time at Planet Ark, Gilling and the wider team have delivered some of Australia’s most successful and effective environmental programs, including the planting of more than 26 million trees by five million volunteers for National Tree Day, recycling more than 50 million printer cartridges through the Cartridges 4 Planet Ark program, and the launch of the Australian Circular Economy Hub.  

    Under Gilling’s leadership Planet Ark will target three critical environmental issues: helping Australia change to renewables and a carbon neutral future; helping Australia transition to a circular economy, where resources never become waste and; building a strong connection between people and nature – an essential relationship for both human and planetary wellbeing.  

    “The Planet Ark team is passionate and committed to helping everyday Australians take positive environmental actions,” Gilling said. “I’m proud to be leading them in this new chapter, which is arguably the most important for the wellbeing of the planet and our communities. 

    “These past few months we have all seen the effects of climate change and resource depletion brought to life with devastating effects in our own backyards. If there was ever a time for people to rally and take this matter seriously, it’s now.  

    “With Planet Ark’s world-class sustainability thought leaders, and our established and trusted education programs, we are excited to help even more businesses, consumers and governments to come together and take action.”

     During his tenure, Paul has been one of the leading advocates for the circular economy movement in Australia, helping to put the issue firmly on the national agenda. He said it had been an honour to lead the Planet Ark team for more than three decades and he’s confident the team is set to flourish.
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