Planet Green Goes to California 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in $500M Lawsuit Vs. Amazon.

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Date: Monday December 25, 2023 05:42:04 pm
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    On December 22, 2023, Planet Green Cartridges, Inc. filed an extension to lawsuit 2:23-cv-06647 Vs. Amazon with the California 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The lawsuit is an on-going effort to stop Asian toner and ink counterfeiters from selling goods that Amazon protects through its section 230 terms.

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    In this suit, Planet Green presented Amazon with conclusive evidence of multiple printer ink cartridge brands falsely advertised and labelled as remanufactured, despite being newly built clone products from China. Amazon’s response, invoking legal immunity under the Communications Decency Act, was challenged by the plaintiff as legally incorrect.

    Planet Green alleges in their lawsuit that the following brands were found
    to be new built clone cartridges, falsely sold as “remanufactured” and recycled products:

    AAKidInk Forzik Janmore  Sellyaha Ankink Geshine Jonity Sheengo Batuto GPC Image LxTek  Upsek BJ Ink Cartridge Greenbox Kolor Expert Valker BStink Greencycle Lucascolo ValueToner CG Chinger Incwolf Mooho V-Surlink ColorKing H&BO Topmae  Novajet Witop CSStar  Inkni OnlyU Yatunik Doreink InkSpirit Palmtree Ejet FAcms Inktopia Reprinpic Fastink Insmax Retch Foiset Jarbo Teino

    According to the suit, Despite the evidence, Amazon reportedly continued to allow the deceptive sellers to operate on its platform, effectively endorsing their products by providing fulfilment services. This is seen as a direct violation of Amazon’s policies and its professed environmental mission. The lawsuit contends that Amazon’s deep involvement in distributing and promoting these deceptive clone cartridges renders them liable for their unlawful sale.

    Planet Green Cartridges, Inc. has been a longstanding industry leader in producing authentic recycled ink cartridge products in the United States. It alleges that Amazon’s actions have harmed consumers and genuine remanufacturers, leading to unfair competition and misleading environmentally conscious customers.

    The lawsuit seeks to hold Amazon accountable for facilitating the sale of these deceptive clone cartridges and undermining the integrity of its own platform’s policies and environmental objectives. The case highlights the growing concern over the accountability of online marketplaces in ensuring the accuracy of product claims and maintaining transparency in their operations.

    Planet Green is the world leader of wholesale high quality remanufactured inkjet cartridges. Since 2000, Quality has been, and continues to be, the focus of every single activity in the company. Our mission is to create quality products, quality services and quality relationships. With these guiding values, Planet Green continues to be the partner of choice for customers who expect nothing but the best.

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