Ricoh Australia FINALLY Allies with Close The Loop for Sustainable Toner and Ink Recycling.

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Date: Tuesday May 7, 2024 03:06:03 pm
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    Ricoh Australia FINALLY Allies
    with Close The Loop for Sustainable Toner and Ink Recycling.

    Sydney, May 1, 2024 – Ricoh Australia, a leading provider of smart workplace technology, has taken a significant step toward environmental sustainability by partnering with Close The Loop (CtL), the world’s largest recycler of print consumables. This strategic alliance reinforces Ricoh’s commitment to responsible waste management and circular economy practices.

    Key Features of the Partnership: Close The Loop’s Expertise: Close The Loop is renowned for its best-in-class sustainability solutions. As a premier sustainability solutions company, they specialize in designing and managing highly efficient ink and toner take-back, recovery, and reuse programs. Their focus on minimizing waste aligns perfectly with Ricoh’s sustainability goals.

    Circular Economy Approach: Both organizations share a belief in the circular economy. By collaborating with Close The Loop, Ricoh aims to enhance its toner recycling program, providing customers with a more customer-centric experience while contributing to waste reduction.

    Seamless Customer Experience: Ricoh’s customers will benefit from Close The Loop’s streamlined approach. Close The Loop offers a single point of account management contact, allowing customers to access and manage their own collections and order consumables. An easy-to-use online customer portal with reporting features simplifies the process further.

    Certificates of Destruction and Educational Resources: Customers can download certificates of destruction via the portal, ensuring transparency and compliance. Close The Loop also equips customers with educational materials, fostering awareness and understanding of sustainable recycling practices.

    Environmental Impact: Reduced Carbon Footprint: By reclaiming plastic and metal from spent parts, Ricoh’s consumables recycling program effectively reduces waste. This initiative contributes to Ricoh’s goal of reaching zero waste-to-landfill.

    Innovative Recycling Techniques: Close The Loop’s Melbourne facility has been upgraded to transform post-consumer soft plastics and toner waste powder into high-value recycled products. TonerPlas®, an asphalt-improvement agent, is one such product that contributes to more sustainable roads. Additionally, packaging waste is used for recycled plastic injection-moulding resin rFlex®, which finds applications in tertiary packaging items like Ricoh toner bottles, pallets, crates, and wheelie bins.

    Dr. Yasu Takahashi, Managing Director of Ricoh Australia, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “Together with Close The Loop, we are not only enhancing our toner recycling program but also advancing our sustainability goals. Our commitment to a zero-carbon society remains unwavering.”

    As of May 1, 2024, Ricoh’s recycling partner transitioned to Close The Loop, reinforcing their dedication to environmental responsibility. Customers can now participate in a more effective and seamless recycling process, knowing that their actions contribute to a greener future.

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