Rumors Regarding Xerox Corp. Are Getting Awkwardly Strange and Full of Despairs.

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Date: Wednesday January 10, 2024 04:23:30 pm
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    Xerox unveils new lowercase logo
    Rumors Regarding Xerox Are Getting
    Awkwardly Strange and Full of Despairs.

    : Was it all lies or stupid failures?
    Think of all the reorgs, re-alignments, “new” focus statements from Sr Mgt. Ann, Ursula and especially JV and Stevie, told employees, customers and the stock market all kinds of things that were going to be growth engines: business process services, printers run on melted crayons, object printing, 3d printing. Remember when JV and SB said it was going to be docushare??? Were they all telling lies or were they just stupid? Clearly the end is getting near; can/will these guys keep it up? There is just not much to cut any more. And few opportunities to point at.

    excerpt: Our competition is feasting on us ….they see X and they get excited. They know there’s pain, billing issues, lack of account coverage. I’d liken it to the days when/prior to X acquired GIS when all the independents were targeting X base and it was a feeding frenzy. It’s exactly this reason X acquired GIS and why it’s clear X is moving more and more towards the independent dealer / reseller channels. What we know of X doesn’t exist anymore – we are selling off bits and pieces at a time (or positioning to do so) with a large sale in the near future (cough…..Fuji). Leadership will continue to trim the direct operations, push business to independents and sell the smoke & mirrors of what a technology powerhouse X is, until which time F swoops in and buys us for $15-16/share. If you’re waiting around, it’s time to go figure out what’s next.

    Follow the rumors and add your views as well for free at
    Xerox Corp. Layoffs -
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