Russian Federation Hackers Now Targeting Tonernews.com!

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Date: Friday April 15, 2022 12:22:27 pm | Views: 454
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    We always say, “It’s not easy being Tonernews.com”, and here’s another reason why.

    As soon as Russia’s war invasion of Ukraine started, we obviously did the what’s right for any industry news site and started to make the industry aware of news and events related to the war. Most of our news was in support of Ukraine since that’s what all the OEM’s also did in our industry. Tonernews.com has been getting hack attempts for over a decade now. Mostly from UK’s Therecycler.com and from unhappy Chinese toner cloner manufacturers, but now the Russian Federation itself is targeting Tonernews.com, and doing so very aggressively. We are happy to see all the security measures that we have in place are working, but we all know how fragile this can be.

    Tonernews.com gets ten’s of thousands of hack attempts a month, this is now the new normal for any widely visited website. As usual we will of course keep everyone safe and informed. Thank you for reading Tonernews.com.

    Summary of security related activity monitored for the period 2022-04-04 to 2022-04-11.
    Snapshot of Top 10 IPs Blocked

    IP Country Block Count   Russian Federation 191   Russian Federation 183   Germany 175   Russian Federation 160   Russian Federation 107   United States 95   France 83   United States 83   United States 82   United States 62

    Snapshot of Top 10 Countries Blocked

    Country Total IPs Blocked Block Count
      United States 80 767
      Russian Federation 21 705
      Germany 78 520
      Singapore 16 211
      Austria 22 111
      France 11 110
      Luxembourg 21 79
      Netherlands 23 71
      United Kingdom 9 45
      Romania 8 38


    Anonymous says it hacked the Central Bank of Russia in latest cyber attack claim | Fortune

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