Static Control USA Joins Right to Repair Coalition.

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Date: Wednesday February 7, 2024 04:56:53 pm
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    Static Control USA Joins Right to Repair Coalition.
    Static Control, a leading supplier of aftermarket imaging products such as toner cartridges and chips, has announced that it has joined a coalition of businesses and organizations that support the right to repair movement.

    The right to repair movement is a global campaign that advocates for consumers and independent repair shops to have access to the tools, parts, and information they need to fix their own devices, such as printers, computers, and phones. The movement argues that this would reduce electronic waste, save money, and foster innovation.

    Static Control believes that the right to repair is essential for a circular economy, environmental sustainability, and consumer choice. The company says that it has been providing quality and affordable imaging products to the market for over 30 years, and that it supports the rights of its customers to choose how and where they repair their devices.

    “Static Control is proud to join the right to repair coalition and stand up for the rights of our customers and the environment,” said Ken Lalley, CEO of Static Control. “We believe that consumers should have the freedom to choose the best products and services for their needs, and that independent repair shops should have the opportunity to compete fairly in the market. We also believe that the right to repair is crucial for reducing the environmental impact of electronic waste and promoting a circular economy.”

    However, the right to repair movement faces many challenges and opposition from some manufacturers and lawmakers. Some manufacturers claim that allowing consumers and third parties to repair their devices would compromise their intellectual property, quality, and safety standards. Some lawmakers have also proposed or passed legislation that would restrict or prohibit the right to repair in certain jurisdictions.

    The right to repair coalition, which includes organizations such as, iFixit, The Repair Association, and U.S. PIRG, aims to raise awareness and advocate for the right to repair at the local, national, and international levels. The coalition also provides resources and support for consumers and repair shops who want to exercise their right to repair.

    “We are thrilled to have Static Control join our coalition and lend their expertise and voice to our cause,” said Gay Gordon-Byrne, Executive Director of The Repair Association. “Static Control is a respected and trusted leader in the imaging industry, and their support will help us advance the right to repair movement and benefit millions of consumers and businesses around the world.”

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