Tens of Thousands of Counterfeit HP-OEM-Toners Now Circulating All Over Europe, and HP Doesn’t Even Know About It YET!

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Date: Tuesday May 16, 2023 03:05:45 pm
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    This information was specifically released to Tonernews.com to make the industry aware of these products that have flooded Europe. These well-made counterfeits have been under the radar since early 2023, HP will probably not find out about it until the release of this article.

    HP Counterfeit and Grey Market ink - How to check

    There are huge quantities of counterfeit HP-toners on the market in Europe, it looks like there are for a longer time (since beginning of 2023 or earlier) tens of thousands and maybe even more fake HP-toners spread all over Europe. At the moment it’s impossible to assess how big the issue is.

    There is a real professional organisation behind this counterfeiting that not only made nearly identical boxes but also copied the security marks on the boxes and toners.

    It are not just a few popular models what is often the case with counterfeit, this counterfeit concerns at least 40 different HP-toner models that are found in stocks and multiple shipments from different European traders and European HP-partners.

    The counterfeit is not only found in the “normal” black boxes meant for consumers but is also found in the white boxed “contract cartridges” that are meant for the special “contract customers” of the special HP-dealers. What means that HP’s whole distribution network might be infected.

    Most of the counterfeit HP-toners are remanufactured/refilled original HP-toners and difficult to spot on the box, after opening the box they are easy to spot because in most cases they have a filling hole made in the toner, closed with a plastic cap.

    The used holograms with QR-code on the boxes look real and after scanning them, the message from HP’s website is that they are genuine. So it’s useless to check them that way.

    After installing them, the chips don’t give any messages that indicates that the toners are not genuine. No message that the toner is compatible or empty (the normal message that you get with re-used or compatible chips). So, “Dynamic Security” that was introduced by HP to protect against counterfeit product does not detect this as counterfeit product.

    Tonernews.com, does not know the source of these counterfeits and doesn’t want to know. We’ll let the people at HP figure this out after they read this article.

    HP INK Security labels

    The label in the far left represents the latest version of the HP security label.
    The other labels are former versions of HP’s security label, which may still be valid in some markets.

    HP Global Anti-Counterfeit and Fraud Report Reveals Record Year Protecting Customers and Partners from Fraudulent Print Products

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