Texas Personal Injury Law Firm Wins $2,000,000 Verdict Vs. Xerox.

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Date: Tuesday September 26, 2023 02:21:58 pm
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    Alford & Clark Injury Attorneys, a San Antonio Personal Injury Law Firm, Wins Verdict Against Xerox Corporation.
    SAN ANTONIO, Sept. 21, 2023 / Alford & Clark Injury Attorneys successfully resolved a major company vehicle collision case against Xerox Corporation midway through a jury trial held in Judge Dedra Davis’ Court, the 270th District Court of Harris County, Texas (case number: 202155269).

    San Antonio Personal Injury Law Firm, Alford & Clark.
    The case settled for $2,000,000 midway through trial, which will result in life-changing money for their very satisfied client. The trial team included firm partners Will Clark and Jacob Alford, Amanda Hazleton, Noah Lombardo, and Connor Colemere. Their appellate counsel Parth Gejji of Beck Redden also provided invaluable assistance. The Plaintiff, an elderly Hispanic woman who worked as a house cleaner in the Houston area for over 20 years, was on the highway ramp to merge from 610 to I-10 in Houston. Traffic had slowed to a crawl on the off-ramp. Defendants were Xerox Corporation and their service technician. The service technician was only about two to three car lengths away from the Plaintiff when he slammed on his brakes. He pled guilty to the ticket the officer gave him for failure to control his speed and ultimately provided a stipulation of both negligence and course and scope of employment.

    During discovery partner Will Clark obtained a copy of the tech’s Department of Public Safety driver’s record, which revealed nine speeding convictions during his tenure with Xerox Corp. He admitted that at least two of the tickets were received while he was driving a company car, admitted that he told Xerox about all the convictions, and admitted that there was no retraining or discipline for any of the tickets.
    As a result of the crash, the Plaintiff was forced to undergo a four-level Anterior Discectomy and Fusion neck surgery. The case settled in open court after attorney Will Clark completed jury selection, opening statement, and the cross-examinations of Xerox Corporation’s corporate representative and its driver. To learn more about Alford & Clark Injury Attorneys or to schedule a confidential consultation visit https://www.injuredtexan.com/
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