The Amazon Cheating Diaries. A Weekly Check In On Chinese 3rd Party Toner Cheaters on Amazon.

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Date: Monday May 11, 2020 04:59:02 pm
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    The Amazon Cheating Diaries. A Weekly Check In On Chinese 3rd Party Toner Cheaters on Amazon.
    Attention: Amazon, OEM’s who do business with Amazon (and have the requisite contacts with Amazon), and anyone else in the toner industry.  Please encourage Amazon to take action against these “Bad Actors” on their platform.

    By Anonymous
    This is your weekly update:
    There is a saying that Amazon sellers use a lot: “Reviews = Sales” meaning the more reviews you have the better for sales.  The incentive for sellers to accumulate a lot of good reviews is high and hence Amazon has established a lot of rules against review manipulation. Sellers who get caught violating the rules surrounding review manipulation get their selling privileges revoked.

    In general, OEM toners sell a lot more than 3rd party toners.  This is also true on Amazon were OEM toner is often sold by Amazon itself and consistently appears in the top of the results for any related toner search.  As a rule of thumb, the OEM toner listed on Amazon will sell at minimum about 3x the units as the #1 best selling 3rd party equivalent (often times much more than that).  As such, you would expect the OEM toner to have at least 3x the total amount of reviews as the #1 best selling 3rd party equivalent (and an even greater multiple of reviews for the less popular 3rd party toners).  When 3rd party toner review totals are anywhere near OEM toner review totals it should trigger a red flag that some form of review manipulation is occurring. (Remember the Amazon golden rule: Reviews=Sales)

    Below is an example of a 3rd party toner for the HP CF226A that has a significant total review advantage over the OEM HP toner despite the OEM having 3x the amount of sales.  Are we really to believe all these reviews came organically?  If the OEM toner is selling 3x the units as the 3rd party, than they should have 3x the amount of the reviews.  If the 3rd party toner has anything more than 1/3 of the reviews of the OEM, it becomes rather suspicious. Is suspicious a strong enough term to use when the actual amount of reviews for the 3rd party outnumber the OEM by a significant margin?  Amazon? Want to look into this???  There just might be a little bit of review manipulation occurring here, maybe??? What about all the other 3rd party toners that have the same review total patterns?
    The views and opinions expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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    382 B01BVD83VC
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