The Amazon China Toner Cheating Diaries: Want to Witness Amazon Review Manipulation in Action?

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Date: Sunday May 24, 2020 12:13:42 pm
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    The Amazon China Toner Cheating Diaries: Want to Witness Amazon Review Manipulation in Action? 
    By Anonymous.
    Go visit this site right now and search “toner”

    This is what you will see:

    This is a “review for free product” exchange site where Amazon sellers illegally solicited Amazon buyers to leave a review in exchange for a full reimbursement of the cost of their Amazon purchase.

    This type of review manipulation is called “Incentivized Reviews”
    and was strictly prohibited by Amazon way back in 2016:

    “we updated the community guidelines to prohibit incentivized reviews” –

    Here is what Amazon says it will do to sellers who are caught attempting to manipulate reviews:

    1. They will terminate your selling privileges immediately:

     “If we determine that you have attempted to manipulate reviews or violated our guidelines in any other manner, we may immediately suspend or terminate your Amazon privileges”

    1. They will withhold all your money in your Amazon account
      (which could potentially be in the millions with some of the toner cheaters on Amazon):
      “In addition, if we determine that an Amazon account has been used to engage in review manipulation, remittances and payments may be withheld or forfeited. Misconduct may also violate state and federal laws, including the Federal Trade Commission Act, and can lead to legal action and civil and criminal penalties.”
    1. They will sue you for totals exceeding your annual revenue
      (For some Amazon toner cheaters annual revenue is $100+ million)

    “We pursue lawsuits for reviews manipulation against dishonest sellers and manufacturers who attempt to purchase fraudulent reviews and the parties who provide and post those reviews. These lawsuits have produced monetary judgments exceeding the annual revenue for such sellers and data allowing us to take additional enforcement actions against others.”

    1. They say they regularly suspend review manipulators accounts.
      I assume their enforcement is universal and not selective.

    “We suspend and ban the accounts of others who engage in review abuse or otherwise violate our guidelines. We will continue to remove reviews that violate our policies and pursue the sellers and manufacturers who create the demand for fraudulent reviews and the individuals and organizations who supply fraudulent reviews through all available means.”

    1. They ask the public to notify them of review manipulation so they can pursue the violators.  Well Amazon, here you go, there are quite a few different 3rd party toner brands participating in review manipulation right here in front of your eyes on (also of note, many of these brands can be tied back to a single enterprise, meaning that what appears to be many cheaters is actually just 2.  It is just that these 2 cheaters operate and control multiple different “stealth” seller accounts and brands on Amazon (which is also a major policy violation).

    “We encourage anyone who suspects that review manipulation is taking place or that our guidelines are being violated in any other manner to notify us. We will investigate the concern thoroughly and take any appropriate actions.”

    Attention to anyone who has a contact at Amazon:
    Please do what Amazon asks and notify them that they have a huge problem with review manipulation (and multiple “stealth” seller accounts) in the 3rd party toner category.  Amazon “take the integrity of our reviews platform very seriously “ and they want to know of anyone who engages in review manipulation so they can immediately terminate their accounts, withhold/forfeit any money in their accounts and sue them for amounts that exceed their annual revenue.  Please do your part and assist Amazon in eliminating it’s platform of bad actors so Amazon customers can believe in the integrity of Amazon reviews.
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