The Morgenstern Group Becomes Strategic Epson Ink Partner.

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Date: Tuesday June 16, 2020 12:04:57 pm
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    The Morgenstern Group Becomes Strategic Epson Ink Partner.
    Epson 212, Standard capacity color multi-pack ink cartridges, C/M ...
    The Morgenstern Group is expanding its portfolio with promising technologies from the manufacturer Epson in the area of ​​ink printing. The decisive factor for this decision is the increasing role of social responsibility in the decision-making process of small and medium-sized companies as well as public clients. Unlike other printing processes, Epson inkjet printers do not require a warm-up time because they are based on a ‘cold’ printing technology. The proven technology developed by Epson also enables significant savings in electricity costs – by up to 96% compared to comparable laser printers. In addition, the devices are in print mode faster, which saves annoying waiting times.

    “Another point, which should not be underestimated, why we decided to expand this portfolio is that Epson business inkjet printers can save a lot of waste. The greater range of the consumables is decisive for the fact that fewer wear parts such as cartridges or drums are required, ”said Robin Morgenstern, CEO of Morgenstern AG. At the same time, this added value ensures that the customer can expect fewer interventions – such as changing the consumables.

    Erhard Wezel, Board Member for Technical Service and Materials Management at Morgenstern AG and COO of the group, explains: “We have had the business printer market in focus for many years. The first inkjet printers around five years ago were not yet geared towards the needs of professional users. Last summer we made the decision to sound out the market again, because we believe that the second, and in some cases also third generation, business ink presses were now really marketable.

    All relevant providers were examined in a panel of experts. Both technical and commercial as well as organizational factors and especially sustainability issues were assessed. Extensive hardware tests were followed by software and user tests. “After this intensive examination, we carried out an evaluation and, after further discussions with our favorite Epson, we were able to start planning and implementing the new partnership with very good voting results,” said Wezel. Decisive factors for Epson were the deeply rooted issue of sustainability in corporate policy, the focus on ink technology and the exclusive marketing of the solutions via the specialist trade channel. “We also found

    Jens Greine, Head of Sales Specialized Germany, adds: “We are very pleased that we were able to convince the Morgenstern group of our business inkjets and Epson as a partner. The decision shows us that the development of our portfolio and our strategy have gone in the right direction in recent years. At the same time, Morgenstern’s decision is also an incentive for us to continue to work intensively on driving the development forward. ”
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