Toner Products Netherlands Raided and Shut Down by Dutch Government.

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Date: Wednesday September 27, 2023 04:23:10 pm
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    FIOD raid and web builder error lead to bankruptcy of toner company in Roermond.
    Roermond -A raid by the FIOD at Toner Products Nederland from Roermond ultimately led to the company’s bankruptcy. The company had not paid payroll and sales tax for a long time. The raid led to an additional tax of more than two million euros.

    Toner Products Netherlands was a wholesaler of toner cartridges and printer items that were sold through various web shops. The company went downhill when, due to an error by the webshop builder, all data of regular customers disappeared. The data could no longer be retrieved. As a result, regular customers could no longer log into their accounts and orders for high-margin private label items for the seller could no longer be placed. Customers could only order via, but that resulted in much less margin for the Roermond company.

    FIOD raid
    The curator’s first report also shows that the work on the orders mainly fell to the owner, who therefore neglected to keep proper administration. This resulted in a raid by the FIOD on September 30 last year for non-payment of taxes. The tax authorities seized the inventory. Bankruptcy was declared last month. In addition to the two directors, four more people worked at the company. The largest creditor is the tax authorities, which is claiming more than two million euros. ABN AMRO is still claiming 52,000 euros. The curator is conducting discussions about a possible restart.

    Doorzoekingen in woningen en marktkraam - FIOD

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